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What do you know about vaping

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What do you know about vaping - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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It tells vaping basics, tanks types, mod classifications. You can know basic vaping knowledge here. Check more at www.buybest.com

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  • How it works? The Battery heats up the coil inside of the tank, and the e-liquid starts to vaporize.
  • E-Cigarette was invented in China in 2003.
  • Basic Parts of an e-cig

Tanks, Battery(Mod)

starter kits
Starter Kits
  • Starter Kits usually designed for entry level e-cig users.
  • In the package, customer will get everything they need to vape except the e-liquid.
  • Usually it contains:
    • Mod/Battery
    • Tank(Atomizer)
    • USB Cable
    • Replacement Coils
    • Other Spare Parts.
tanks atomizers
Tanks & Atomizers
  • Tanks are the main part of an e-cigarette.
  • It has 7 kinds of main styles: RTA, RDA, RDTA, GTA, Sub-ohm Tanks, Refillable Cartridges.
  • The main components of a tank are:
    • Drip Tip/Mouth Piece
    • Top Cap
    • Tank Base
    • Glass Tube
    • Coil/Deck
mod vape pens
MOD/Vape Pens
  • Mods means a battery Box. Some of them has built in batteries and some of comes with empty battery slots.
  • There are many types of mod styles differed by it’s functionsand structures.
e liquids
  • E-liquids are the basic part to generate vapors out of e-cig devices.
  • Thousands of Flavors
  • 2 types of ingredients: PG and VG
  • Most of e-liquids contains both of these 2 ingredients, just different percentage of each.
  • PG makes the e-juice has better liquidity, important to Nicotine levels, higher nicotine, stronger throat hit experience.
  • VG makes the e-juice more dense and thick, important for vapor production.
  • In our Buybest.com, we have most of e-cig related accessories available.
  • Accessories are very important to every single product to make sure that products can be last longer. For example, Customers will need chargers to power up the battery.
major product specifics
Major Product Specifics
  • Within the 1st category, there many different types of products if we just look at the structure and appearance of them.
starter kits 1
Starter Kits
  • Mainly can divides into:
    • Vape Pen Kits
    • E-pipe Kits
    • Box mod Kits
    • Mechanical Kits
    • Dry herb vaporizer kit
    • Other Bundle kits
mods battery
  • Mods usually stands as battery, it supplies power to the tank.
  • Divides by appearance and structures :
    • Vape pen batteries
    • Box mods
    • Mechanical mods
    • Stabilized wood Mods
vape pen battery
Vape Pen Battery

Vape pens stands for simple use. It does not have a lot of functions in it.

Vape pen usually only has a fire button on it.

The power supply always stays at a certain range depends on the manufactory setting

Usually vape pens has built in battery, do not need to buy additional batteries to put in.

It has USB cable to charge the power

box mods
Box Mods
  • Box mods has a chip built in. It makes many things adjustable. For example, the wattage range.
  • Some mods has built in battery and some needs to put batteries in.
  • Basically it brings advantaged user conveniences on options, they can put on different tanks with different builds, and the mod has enough power supply to make it work.
mechanical mods
Mechanical Mods
  • Mechanical Mod is a simple metal tube.
  • It’s only recommended to advanced users
  • It doesn’t have any regulations on anything. Safety controls has to be maintained by user themselves.
stabilized wood mod
Stabilized Wood Mod
  • The material of this mod is made of Stabilized Wood
  • Stab wood mod usually stands high-end and it has a very high price range.
tanks atomizers 1
  • Tanks are used to vaporize the E-liquid
  • There 6 main types of tanks nowadays.

1. Refillable Cartridge

2. Sub-Ohm Tank

3. Rebuildable Dripper Atomizer(RDA)

4. Rebuildable Tank Atomizer(RTA)

5. Rebuildable Dripper Tank Atomizer(RDTA)

6. Genesis Tank Atomizer(GTA)

refillable cartridge
Refillable Cartridge
  • Refillable Cartridge means nothing can be replaced in this tank, the only thing you can do is refill the e-liquid.
  • No longer popular, before refillable cartridges. There another type of tank called “Disposable Cartridge”
sub ohm tanks
Sub-Ohm Tanks
  • Sub-ohm tank is transformed from original clearomizer and cartmizers.
  • The main difference is that Sub-ohm tanks installed low resistance coils.
rebuildable dripper atomizer rda
Rebuildable Dripper Atomizer(RDA)
  • RDA are designed for DIY
  • There are many style of deck and airflow positions.
  • It doesn’t have a “tank” to hold e-liquids, you have drip liquids in constantly.
rebuildable tank atomizer rta
Rebuildable Tank Atomizer(RTA)
  • RTA is a rebuildable version of clearomizers.
  • The feature of RTA is rebuildable deck and has “tank” to store e-liquids.
rebuildable dripper tank atomizer rdta
Rebuildable Dripper Tank Atomizer(RDTA)
  • It’s the combination of RDA and RTA.
  • The top Section is RDA Structure, and the bottom section is a “tank” to store e-liquids
genesis tank atomizer gta
Genesis Tank Atomizer(GTA)
  • GTA is a innovative design of a atomizer.
  • The are 2 features of a GTA style tank.

1. Deck is in the middle

2. The space underneath of the deck can holds e-liquids.

features and issues that customer c ares about in general
Features and Issues that Customer Cares about In General

1. Vapor production

2. Flavor performance

3. Leaking Issue

4. Building Space

Battery Capacity or Slots

Wattage Range

Power Supply performance