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Speech Therapy Clinic in Hyderabad | Speech Therapist Hyderabad PowerPoint Presentation
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Speech Therapy Clinic in Hyderabad | Speech Therapist Hyderabad

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Speech Therapy Clinic in Hyderabad | Speech Therapist Hyderabad - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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nLanguage training sessions will shift incredibly contingent on the advisor and the kid. Augmentative and elective correspondence (AAC) is one sort of language instruction that is utilized for kids who don't mimic the hints of others. For these youngsters, a few language instruction techniques may enable them to figure out how to talk. AAC is frequently the primary system to enable them to learn enough correspondence to have the capacity to have some social communications.Microcare Speech Therapy Clinic Offers Best Speech Therapy in Hyderabad by Top speech Therapist in Hyderabad,India.nCall: 91 91 00 77 1482nnnhttp://www.microenthospital.com/microcare-speech-therapy-super-speciality-clinic-hyderabad/

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Speech Therapy Clinic in Hyderabad | Speech Therapist Hyderabad

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areas of expertise areas of speech disorders


Areas of speech disorders specialty include the following:

Articulation and phonological disordersProblem in making sounds (articulation disorders) and problem in putting sounds together to speak (phonological disorders)

cognitive communication disorders cognitive

Cognitive communication disorders

Cognitive communication disorders involve problems with your child’s thinking processes that affect communication, attention, memory, reasoning and problem-solving.

Fluency disorders

When the natural flow of speech is affected children may stutter or stammer when they speak. Children who have trouble for six months or longer need support should see a speech and language pathologist.

reading writing and literacy problems when speech

Reading, writing and literacy problems

When Speech and language disorders affect the ability to understand, read and write.

Receptive and expressive language disorders

Receptive language disorders: Children with these disorders have trouble understanding spoken and written language; Expressive language disorders: trouble using language to communicate their ideas and questions. Some children have both problems.

autism spectrum disorders and social

Autism spectrum disorders and social communication

Autism may be with mild to severe disorders. Children with autism are affected in different ways, affects the way a child behaves, thinks, communicates and interacts with others.

Swallowing and Feeding disorders

Provide swallowing evaluations and treatment when problems with speech and language occur along with problems in eating or swallowing.

motor speech disorders when have problems

Motor speech disorders

When have problems coordinating the muscle movements needed to produce speech.Resonance and airflow disorders like with cleft palate or velopharyngeal problemsVelopharyngeal insufficiency (VPI) means air escapes into your child nose during speech leading to difficulty in producing certain sounds. Many children with VPI have cleft palate; some have other structural problems of their face or skull.Severe communication impairment

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