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Sitecore important Interview Questions and Answers PowerPoint Presentation
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Sitecore important Interview Questions and Answers

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Sitecore important Interview Questions and Answers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ITORIGINS-The best sitecore cms online training academy in india , Our Sitecore online training program will help you to meet industry requirements. Sitecore online training and certification program offers job support to our trainees.Sitecore is a .Net-based WCM web application technology designed for content management

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best sitecore online training and certification

Best sitecore online training and certification - ITORIGINS

Q. What is meant bySitecore?

Sitecore is a software platform that is good for making and updating full featured and dynamic websites of every possible type(Implemented in various industry domains and vertical). It has the advantages of scaling, flexibility and can very well integrate in third party systems, marketing platforms, overall giving the visitors a very dynamic userexperience.

Q. Would it be possible to avoid anchorlink anchors to be transformed into links bySitecore?

In Sitecore, text lines don’t have to be transformed into links, but there is another way to make an anchor. We must put the cursor above the thing that is out anchor’s destination, with no texthighlighting.

After that we should click the hyperlink button to make the anchor and then go on with the rest. This is the right procedure to avoid text transforming into an undesiredlink.

Q. What is meant by Item inSitecore?

An item is a record in database. Items are basic building block of a Sitecore Site. An item mayrepresent any kind of information, e.g. a piece of content, a media file, a layout etc. Itemsalways have a name and ID that uniquely identifies the item within the database. Items have atemplate that defines which fields the item contains.An

item represent a single version of pieceof content is a singlelanguage.

An item can be retrieved from a database usingItems.

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best sitecore online training and certification 1

Best sitecore online training and certification - ITORIGINS

Q. How many databases are associated withSitecore?

There are in total 3 databases:- a)Master

b)Core c)Web

Q. What is meant byCMS?

A content management system (CMS) is a PC application that supports the creation and modification of digital content using a simple interface to extract away low-level points of interest unless required, typically supporting numerous clients working in a collaborativeenvironment.

Q. What is meant by page inSitecore?

There is no physical page in Sitecore or ASPX Web Form page at the end of the day. In Sitecore all are things from business client planned final product or specific URL in Sitecore may called as Page. To alter this page utilizing WYSIWYG editor sitecore gives interface called PageEditor.

Q. What is the significance of the sea watchtower picture that shows up at Sitecore signin?

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