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Indian wholesalers of antique furniture : EPCH.IN PowerPoint Presentation
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Indian wholesalers of antique furniture : EPCH.IN

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Indian wholesalers of antique furniture : EPCH.IN - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The craftsmen of Berar district are not only capable of making beautiful lac ornaments. They are also famous for decorative Rajputana boxes with dull hues having geometric or floral motifs of two bright tints arranged in alternate fashion. The lacquered items of Mysore have vibrant motifs against the transparent green background on a tinfoil. The Chennapatna of Karnataka is famous for beautiful lacquered toys, artefacts and stationeries. The Indian suppliers of handicrafts bring these lacquered gift items from different regions of Southern India to various trade fairs or handicraft fairs in India.

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Indian wholesalers of antique furniture : EPCH.IN

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s pring fair india
Spring fair India

New Delhi, 1 Feb 2018: Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH) values the manifold benefits of cane and bamboo handicrafts and brings the same to consumers. The demand for Rattan products for decorative or utilitarian purpose has rapidly increased, and this apex organization plans to use this opportunity to promote cane and bamboo handicrafts from India’s northeast region of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. These products not only look exquisite but they also come with the promise of low maintenance, extended longevity and economic purchasing cost.

a sia s largest handicrafts fair
Asia's largest handicrafts fair

Hardwood trees need 20 to 50 years to fully grow before the creation of any artefacts. Bamboo needs only five years to become fully grown. The easy availability has decreased the cost of bamboo handicrafts products despite multiple beneficial features. Hence, the exquisite and durable cane furniture and decorative items are more affordable than the wooden furniture. The bamboo products also reduce the maintenance cost. The cane furnishing items remain shiny for years without requiring yearly polishing. This single feature significantly lowers the cost of maintenance making the cane products more economic. The EPCH not only plans to present high-quality handcrafted products of cane through its Indian trade show 2018. It wishes to inform the visitors about these exclusive benefits of bamboo and other rattans.

To inquire about their 2018 Trade Show, please visit www.epch.in

h andicrafts e xports
Handicrafts Exports

The cane furniture, decorative items or housewares are made with the flexible strands of bamboo. The bamboo fibers may seem fragile; however, they are stronger than steel and highly flexible. Thus, the cane handicrafts products guarantee great durability. Flexibility in the bamboo fibers prevents cane from breaking due to temperature fluctuations and increases the longevity of cane products. The artisans also benefit due to this flexibility. They can twist and bend the fibers without fearing any damage to handcraft exquisite designs for the exclusive products. The cane or bamboo products also remain intact in any climatic condition due to their resistance to the vagaries of climate. This feature also increases the longevity of cane products.

ihg f delhi fair 2018
IHGF Delhi fair 2018

Skilled, innovative and gifted craftsmen from different Indian regions are known to create magnificent artefacts using the metal, glass, wood, earth, shell and several other items. The bring life into these objects with detailed and stunning craftsmanship. The lac has been a part of Indian craftwork since the early days of Indian civilization and many Indian manufacturers of gifts use this resinous substance to create attractive gifting items. The Indian artisans use the lac not only to create tabletop or hanging decorative items. They even use this substance to ornate the wooden furniture with mirror/stone studded designs. The lac embellishment can add dynamism to any product and they are available through Indian wholesalers of gifts. The wholesalers bring different types of lac handicraft products from different Indian regions to the global customers through the autumn fair in India.