how to add two hotmail account in microsoft n.
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How to Add Two Hotmail account in Microsoft Outlook PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Add Two Hotmail account in Microsoft Outlook

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How to Add Two Hotmail account in Microsoft Outlook - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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If you use more than one Hotmail account in your small business on your Desktop with the Microsoft Outlook. It helps you manage and work with multiple business email accounts and keep your mail organized.For an example, you can use one particular email address for interacting with employees and the second to communicate with your clients.

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how to add two hotmail account in microsoft


  • IfyouusemorethanoneHotmailaccountinyoursmallbusinessonyourDesktopwiththeMicrosoft Outlook.Ithelpsyoumanageandworkwithmultiplebusinessemailaccountsandkeepyourmailorganized.Foranexample,youcanuseoneparticularemailaddressforinteractingwithemployeesandthesecondtocommunicatewithyourclients.OutlookallowsyoutoaddasmanyasHotmailaccountsasyouarewanttohandlesothatyoucanevenaddyourpersonalemailaccount.
  • ProcessingforaddingtwoaccountsinMicrosoftOutlook
  • FollowthestepsforaddtwoaccountsinMicrosoftOutlookgivenbelow:-
  • At the top left ĐorŶer of the Outlook, ǁiŶdoǁ ĐliĐk oŶ the ͚File͛ taď.
  • IŶ the AĐĐouŶt IŶforŵatioŶ seĐtioŶ ĐliĐk oŶ the ͚Add AĐĐouŶt͛ ďuttoŶ aǀailaďle at
  • thetopforopeningtheAddNewAccountwindow.
  • If LJou haǀe Ŷot seleĐted the ͚Eŵail AĐĐouŶt͛ optioŶ theŶ ĐliĐk oŶ its radio ďuttoŶ
  • forselectingit.
  • IntheYourNamebox,enteryournameandthentypetheHotmailemailaddressaswellasapasswordintherequiredfields.Forverifyingtheaccuracyre-enterthepassword.
  • For ĐoŶŶeĐtiŶg to the serǀer aŶd autheŶtiĐatiŶg the ĐredeŶtials ĐliĐk oŶ ͚Nedžt͛ button.YoucanseeyouremailsappearingintheOutlookiftheconnectionissuccessful.
  • NowforaddingyourotherHotmail accountsinOutlookrepeatthesteps.
  • KeepInMind:IncaseifyourOutlookisunabletolinkwiththeaccountandyouwanttoaddthePOP3/IMAPsettingsfortheemailservicemanuallytheninsteadofĐliĐkiŶg oŶ ͚E-ŵail AĐĐouŶt͛ seleĐt ͚MaŶuallLJ ĐoŶfigure serǀer settiŶgs or additioŶal serǀer tLJpes͛ ďuttoŶ iŶ the third step. TheŶ folloǁ the oŶ-screeninstructions.
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Incaseifyouarefacinganytroublewithanyoftheabovestepsthenreachourexpertsandexperiencedstaffwhowillresolveallyourtroublesintheshortesttimepossible.Theywillhelpyouwiththeprocess.DialHotmail Phone Number