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Hearing Loss Treatment in Hyderabad

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Hearing Loss Treatment in Hyderabad - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hearing loss can be caused by different causes, some of which can be successfully treated with medicine or surgery. MicroCare ENT Hospital Offers Affordable Hearing Loss Treatment in Hyderabad by Experienced ENT Specialist.

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symptoms of hearing problem in children

Symptoms of hearing problem in Children who presented at MicroCare ENT Hospital, Hyderabad

Depending upon the type and severity, any of the following symptoms may be seen in a child with hearing loss Developmental milestones of auditory and speech behaviour are absent/delayed.Some speech sounds may not be pronounced correctly, particularly/sa/, /sha/, /fa Inconsistent response to sound. Understands speech better when facing the speaker.Notattentive in class.Asks for repetitions.Keeps the television on at a louder volume. Uses inappropriate loudness of voice.

normal hearing 0 25 db at this level hearing

Normal hearing (0-25 dB): At this level, hearing is within normal limits.

Mild hearing loss (26-40 dB): it may cause inattention, difficulty suppressing background noise, and increased listening efforts. Patients with this degree of loss may not hear soft speech. 

Moderate hearing loss (41-55 dB):it may affect language development and articulation, interaction with peers, and self-esteem. Patients with this degree of loss have trouble hearing conversational speech.

moderate severe hearing loss

Moderate-severe hearing loss (56-70 dB): it may cause difficulty with speech and decreased speech intelligibility. Patients with this degree of loss do not hear most conversational-level speech.

Severe hearing loss (71-90 dB): Severe hearing loss may affect voice quality.

Profound hearing loss (>90 dB): With profound hearing loss (deafness), speech and language deteriorate.

many symptoms are common to children and adults

Many symptoms are common to children and adults. In addition, an adult with hearing loss may have:

Difficulty understanding speech in group settings / noisy situations

Difficulty understanding telephonic speech

Difficulty understanding some speakers

Checklist in Children (Normal Reaction to Sounds and Making of Sounds)

This checklist gives parents about what to look for as your baby grows to check if he/she can hear or not.

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