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Construction of Transformer winding PowerPoint Presentation
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Construction of Transformer winding

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Construction of Transformer winding - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A winding machine has consisted with metal wire, thread or paper, onto a core, spool, or bobbin, which are various kinds of winding machines from simple manual feed machines to complex computer numeric control (CNC) machines. Generally, the major role of the winding machines has coil winding, rope winding, and continuous filament winding. The has supported different industries such as electronics, textiles and wire industries. A manual winding machine is having core on a spindle and users manually assigned the wires, ropes and other materials. The user can manage the spindle speed and user has applied the materials by hand and it may help to handle the tension and load pattern. The next type of coil winding machine is consisted with spool, bobbin and some other materials and it would be apply different industries.

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transformer winding

Transformer winding

A transformer is formed by two or more conductors wound over a separate magnetic core which

provides the magnetic circuit. The wound conductors are usually copper, it is called windings. In

a single-phase transformer winding, two windings are present. One connected to the voltage and

produces the magnetic flux which is called as primary winding, and second one called secondary

winding in which voltage is induced as a result of mutual induction. There is no electrical

connection between primary winding and secondary winding. The third winding called tertiary

winding, is present sometimes. The windings and core are mountes in a steel tank filled with oil

and some other liquid which is suitable for insulating and cooling.

The two most basic and common method of transformer construction are the closed core

transformer and the shell core transformer. When the primary and secondary windings are

surround the core ring, the transformer is in core form(closed core transformer). In the shell

form, windings are surrounded by the core ring. Shell core transformer may be used more than

the core form transformer for distribution transformer applications because of the relative ease in

stacking the core surround the winding coils. Closed core transformers are more useful than shell

form transformer for high voltage power transformer applications.

Transformer winding is one more main section of a transformer construction, because this is the

major current carrying conductors wound around the core ring. If the primary input voltage is

greater than the secondary output voltage, the transformer is called as a steo down transformer. If

the primary input voltage is less than the secondary output voltage, the transformer is called as

step up transformer. Copper or aluminum wire used as the important current carrying conductor

in a transformer winding. Aluminum wire is low cost and lighter than the copper wire, which has

a larger cross sectional area of conductor used to carry the large amount of current, so it is

mainly used in broad power transformer applications.

The transformer winding minimize leakage inductance and capacitance, it is used to maximize

high frequency response. Coils are divided into sections, and that sections are interleaved

between other winding sections. Small voltage and power transformers are mainly used in low

voltage electrical and electronic circuit designs tend to use copper conductors and it is have a

higher mechanical strength and smaller conductor size than same aluminum sections.

Transformer winding are mainly categorized into two types such as concentric coils and

sandwiched coils. In concentric coils, the transformer windings are arranged concentrically

surround the core ring with the large voltage primary winding being wound over the lower

voltage secondary winding transformer. Sandwiched coils are also known as pancake coils, it

consist of flat conductors wound in a spiral form and are so named due to the arrangement of

conductors into discs. Sandwich windings and coils are common with shell core transformer