10 reasons consumers prefer to shop online n.
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10 Reasons consumers prefer to shop online PowerPoint Presentation
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10 Reasons consumers prefer to shop online

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10 Reasons consumers prefer to shop online - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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You don’t even go to the restroom because you are too lazy to leave the warm, cozy bed that you’re lying on. Do you still want me to go on about why consumers prefer to shop online! Let’s take a look at the many reasons you have to shop online.

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10 Reasons consumers prefer to shop online

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tour the aisles while sitting at home
Tour the Aisles While Sitting At Home

The people are busy in their tight routines that’s why they prefer online shops compared to the in stores. People didn’t find a time for the shopping this is one of the primary reason that online shopping has turned to be more popular, and consumers can get the product of their choice at their door-step.

save gas
Save Gas

No wasting gas on the road for travelling to the store in the first place and then finding a decent parking spot in the second. Due to this convenience people prefer online shopping stores as compared to in-stores.

unlimited options to choose from
Unlimited Options to Choose From

You can’t walk or even drive to all the stores providing makeup in your city but you can virtually tour them online. Hah! How easy is that! Physically when you walk into a store, you have what the store has! So your options are limited. Online, the world is at your feet! Ok not the world but at least a dozen online retailers! There are plenty of online retailers out there selling the same product.

no time or place restrictions
No Time or Place Restrictions

Of course you can’t go to the store at 2 am in the morning just because you remembered a deodorant you needed! But you can go to the online store at this time and get the product delivered to your door step, at a discount if you’re lucky!

shop in your pajamas
Shop in your Pajamas!

Having to change into decent clothing from the comforting pajamas can be a pain. Unless you don’t mind going to ZARA in your pajamas, you know online shopping is lifesaver.

learn from other people s mistakes
Learn from other People’s Mistakes

Shopping at Sites that Aren’t Secure

Using Debit Instead of Credit

Credit cards are generally more secure than debit cards. Credit cards also offer better consumer protection against unauthorized transactions

Checking the company’s website address. For example, look for URLs that begin with https rather than http, because the added s indicates it is a secure website

Following Unknown Email Links

Don’t click on links in unsolicited emails or social media sites, even if they purport to be from trustworthy retailers, because they may take you to sites that are trying to collect information for identity theft.