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ConnieKnows - Providing Excellent Customer Service

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ConnieKnows - Providing Excellent Customer Service - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A happy customer is a loyal customer. Providing an excellent customer service that your customers will be satisfied with is no easy feat. The Professionally trained Call Center Agents explains the basics of giving a great customer service. For more info, visit our site at

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ConnieKnows - Providing Excellent Customer Service

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providing excellent customer service

Providing Excellent Customer Service

For the first part of this article click here to read: How to Provide Amazing Customer Service

nd part of the “How to Provide Amazing Customer Service?” ConnieKnows explains

This is the 2

how to provide Excellent Customer Service by

Explaining your Service Effectively

Showing Respect to your Customers

Staying Calm, Friendly and Patient

Saying very simple phrases such as “Please” and “Thank


Explaining Your Service Effectively

Never assume that your prospect has heard of your business or

company. Moreover, never assume that they know about your

companies policies and procedures.

Showing Respect to your Customers

Number One Rule: Show respect. You have found the perfect prospect, and you might be the most

knowledgeable about your service. However, those won’t do much if you turn off your potential buyer

by talking down to him, being self-important, sounding rude, or being too aggressive.

Stay Calm, Friendly and Patient

Of course, customers aren’t always in a pleasant mood. Oftentimes, they are also wary of sales talks or

don’t believe in your competence. So they can become, uncooperative, or downright demanding even.

Still, don’t respond in a negative way. What you must do is to be cool and keep your emotions in check.

Do not be intimidated, but do not engage in an unhealthy debate or argument. Be patient.

Saying very simple phrases such as “Please” and “Thank You.”

In relation to the previous items, observe politeness. Always say “please”, “thank you” and similar

polite words whenever appropriate during your conversations.

Say warm greetings at the start of every talk. Say a thank-you after every transaction, whatever the

outcome, regardless of who contacted who.

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