things to do attend an international conferences in india
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Things to do Attend International Conference in India

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Things to do Attend International Conference in India - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Best things to attend an international and national conferences in India. Conference alerts is the leading portal for providing upcoming conferences in engineering, medical and more

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tips to prepare for international and national conferences in india
Tips to Prepare for International and National Conferences in India

With swift and fast changing applications of science and technology consecutive interactions through scientific events and conferences to be updated about the growth of technical studies is an absolute need of professionals, students and academicians. Participants, attendees and plenary speakers can prepare themselves to be an important part of conference where they can share their views and gain some ideas about the title of presentation.

  • Preparation of power point presentation
  • Timings
  • Interactive presentation
  • Dress code
  • References
  • Be clear about pros and cons
  • Working models and results
  • Conclusion
preparation of power point presentation
Preparation of power point presentation:

Plenary speakers should take sufficient time for preparing the slides which should be very precise and point specific.

The slides should not contain paragraphs and conceptual contents rather the important points should be mentioned which can give a clear picture to the listeners.

Slides should have flowcharts, pie charts and graphs which make the presentation more clearly to the audience. Block diagrams and images are the must include aspects of the slides.

  • Being time specific should be priority for each and every professional to attain any scientific events .Registrants of conferences should be on time as mention in the conference schedule and agenda to make the conference go fine with its formal process like registration and presentations. The presentation should be done in stipulated time allocated to each slot.

Interactive presentation:

  • The conference presentation should be very interactive and listeners should be given a time to ask their queries about the presentation to make the session more interactive.

Dress code:

  • “Dressing well is a form of good manners” this  was said by Tom Ford .Conference presenters and attendees should follow formal dress codes like shirts and formals along with suits and neck ties if needed. This will add the values when a speaker stands to share his views in front of others.
  • Getting references from other publications and citations are very important; this adds few other aspects of the presentation. References could be taken from scientific database, indexes, publications and journals, transactions in print, online or electronic media. An exclusive slide citing the references should be given.

Be clear about pros and cons

  • Before giving the presentation at the conference one should be very clear about the research work he has done. The speaker should be very clear about scientific feasibility and socio economic impact of his research work for sustainable effects which may the points of discussion at the conference. Attendees should create a clear picture of effects and impacts which should safeguard the interest of humanity. The presentations should be prepared keeping these things in mind.

Working models and results:

  • Exhibiting the working models (if any) and results make your presentation further more interesting. Speakers should show the listeners with the outputs and results they got with their experiment. If the presentation has something with its model the working model should be exhibited which will add a good feedback to the presentation.

Conclusion is the most important part which should be done with courtesy and with a humble expression by giving a final finish to the presentation. Audience should get a clear idea and concept about the title of presentation.

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