welcome to coleman macdonald ip n.
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Trademark Attorney Massachusetts

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Attorney MacDonald has over fifteen years of experience handling complex patent, trademark, trade secret and other civil matters in various U.S.

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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welcome to coleman macdonald ip

Welcome To Coleman & Macdonald-IP

The Best Qualities Possessed by Civil Litigation Attorney


Lawyers serving different fields of law should possess some important character

traits and skills for gaining success in their work field. Having the necessary

character traits and skills can enable the lawyers to distinguish themselves from

their competitors or the other attorneys serving the same field. The skills and

qualities possessed by an attorney vary with the law fields. Transaction and

organizational skills are beneficial for the business planning lawyers while

scientific and technical knowledge helps the patent lawyers to gain success.

important skills needed by a civil litigation

Important Skills Needed by a Civil Litigation Lawyer

Civil litigation attorney Massachusetts and even the local trademark attorneys

Massachusetts should possess skills that can help them in retaining and attracting

clients, making new laws and in winning cases. Some of the most important

qualities to be possessed by civil litigation lawyers and trademark lawyers are as


Clear Understanding of Rules of Data

There are several civil cases that turn on the admissibility and the inadmissibility

of evidences. Majority of the lawyers in this field are not able to understand the

rules of facts or data. They lack the in-depth knowledge of when and how to object

and the way they must answer objections. Failure in preserving or objecting a

certain issue for appeal can turn out to be highly disadvantageous for the clients.

Therefore, it is necessary for a civil litigation lawyer to master the rules of data and

use them in the form of a sword or a shield in barring or admitting important




This is probably one of the most important qualities that need to be possessed by a

civil litigation or a trademark attorney. It is necessary for a lawyer to project

himself or herself confidently in front of his or her clients and also in the court

room. Confidence in a lawyer conveys to the judge, the opposing counsel and the

clients that the attorney has full control on the case and can handle where and how

the case flows. Attorneys in the field of civil litigation should have the capability

of reading their audiences and adjusting their behaviors accordingly. Clients do not

like lawyers who just give them options. What the clients actually want is true

advocates or lawyers who have the ability of giving them the answers or the

solutions that they are looking for. Most importantly, clients should have complete

trust in their attorneys.


Both civil litigation and trademark attorneys need to have organizational skills that

can improve their image and the efficiency.

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