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SEO This Week EP17 - 2017 Strategy, HTTPS, Design Terms, and More! PowerPoint Presentation
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SEO This Week EP17 - 2017 Strategy, HTTPS, Design Terms, and More!

SEO This Week EP17 - 2017 Strategy, HTTPS, Design Terms, and More!

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SEO This Week EP17 - 2017 Strategy, HTTPS, Design Terms, and More!

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  1. SEO This Week Episode 17 2017 Strategy, HTTPS, Design Terms, and More! 1/2/2017 January 2, 2017 in Marketing News How to Craft a Remarkable SEO Strategy for 2017 – Whiteboard Friday From understanding the big-picture search trends to making sure your SEO goals jive with your CEO’s goals, there’s a lot to consider when planning for 2017. Rand outlines how to craft a truly remarkable SEO strategy to help you sail through 2017. Read More Our Insights: This is a pretty good video giving you some highlights to think about when crafting your marketing strategy for the new year. Step 1 of the video is probably the longest section going over things that have already happened in content marketing that you should consider as you plan out your marketing campaigns. After that, there are some ideas on how to map out what you are doing and why which will drive your keyword research and editorial calendar. HTTPS Required for Collecting Sensitive Information in Chrome 1/4

  2. Google has cautioned site owners that, at the end of January 2017, Chrome will mark sites without HTTPS as non-secure if they collect sensitive information. Read More Our Insights: We switched our sites over to https a while ago testing to see if they received a boost from the search engines, and they did. Now, Google is going one step further by adding a feature in Chrome to call your sites unsecured if you don’t use it and have passwords or take payment information on your site. We highly recommend that you go ahead and get started with an SSL certificate right away as there is not telling the impact these notices will have on your traffic. 4 Design Terms Every Marketer Needs to Know The transition from text-based to visual marketing is already well underway, as customer demand drives organizations to rethink how people communicate on the most basic level. Read More Our Insights: Content marketing has moved from one medium to another over the years since I have been marketing and still there are a few business people who hold out on creating it in as many forms as possible. It really is nothing to turn an article into a video, audio, PDF, or even an infographic. We do it every week with the SEO This Week series. This will also give you the opportunity to find out what your target market is looking for in terms of content format. How to Use the New Instagram Live Recently, Instagram announced that they were going to add a live feature to their now popular Instagram stories. Here’s how to use Instagram Live. Read More Our Insights: It is hard to ignore that Instagram is sending a lot of traffic and sales to businesses worldwide, however, it is not so easy to gain a following and get that traffic flowing. After all, the people using it are sharing photographs so getting those photos to tell a marketing story can be a bit “complicated”. Now Instagram has jumped on to the live video bandwagon. I don’t know if it is a good idea or bad one since FaceBook Live is essentially competing with it, but it will be nice to test it out and see what we can do with it. Google Tracking How Busy Places are by Looking at Location Histories 2/4

  3. Google Maps helps people navigate from place to place. In order for it to work effectively, it’s helpful if it can track the location of the device that someone may be using to help them navigate. It’s interesting how Google tracks your location. Read More Our Insights: If you wear a tinfoil hat to keep the government out of your business you may want to skip this post. It talks about how Google is using your location and search history on your mobile phone to determine which businesses are around you. It is also using this data to determine just how busy a business is. It is not clear if it is leveraging your location data “all of the time” or just the fact that you asked for directions to a given location. Privacy concerns certainly come to mind for me, though considering Google is tracking your every step, yet when Uber does it they make the national news. 3 Influencer Marketing Ideas for 2017 Influencer marketing is the practice of using highly-connected individuals and opinion leaders to help grow awareness and revenue. Read More Our Insights: Outreach campaigns are a great way to get honest reviews, backlinks, and traffic to your website from people who have already established a large following. The problem is that your specific market may limit the amount of people you can reach out to. After all, it would be pretty hard to get a big time YouTube star to talk about your business if you are a plumber. All of that said, however, there are several instances where an outreach campaign just may put your marketing over the top so keep the concepts and ideas on this post in the back of your mind if you seem to stagnant with other methods. Identify Cold, Warm & Hot Leads On Twitter You know that millions of people use Twitter on a daily basis, offering vast potential for finding leads. Keywords, hashtags, and social bios are built-in breadcrumbs leading you to a feast of prospects. Read More Our Insights: We use Twitter primarily as a traffic generation tool, not as a lead generation system, and yet this post has some very actionable information that would be coupled with the Twitter marketing system that we are creating using another tool. I recommend reading this post and getting a better idea of what you should be doing. Then create a checklist to plan out the “how”. If you get a decent software set you can then automate a lot of this. 3 Backend Fixes to Increase Page Speed 3/4

  4. Page speed is an important factor in search rankings and conversion rates. Every improvement to page speed will likely result in more sales. Read More Our Insights: We added this post because it talks about one of our favorite subjects, page speed optimization. This post is a great overview of some things you should do if you have access to your own server. Unfortunately, if you are using a managed hosting company, or shared hosting, a lot of what is talked about will be out of reach for you, which is why we stress so much on the value of paying for a good host versus buying the cheapest. Should You Copy and Paste Your Online Reviews onto Your Site? You worked your tail off to get those reviews – on Google or Yelp or Facebook or another site – and want visitors to your site to see them. But you might have refrained from putting them on your site, because of one fear or another. Read More Our Insights: We love to use reviews from other sites to promote our clients, and ourselves, as much as possible. However, with all the people writing fake reviews, and the FTC cracking down on fake testimonials, there is a great deal of confusion as to what you are “allowed” to do. This post clears it up a little bit about what you should be doing, and shouldn’t, with your Google+, Yelp, and FaceBook reviews. Top 16 Websites for Finding Perfect GIFs and Memes by @KatyaBovykina In this blog post, you will discover the best websites for finding the most relevant, fresh, and on-point GIFs and memes. Read More Our Insights: Meme’s and GIF’s generate a lot of social traffic, here are some places where you can find some popular ones to throw on your site. Images from,,,,,,, Clint Butler Husband, father, dog owner, marketer. Clint Butler, an Army vet, founded Olympia SEO to combine his love of marketing with his desire to help small and medium sized business succeed. 4/4