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Certified translation professional 7413227

Certified Translation Professional

In the U.S. there are several routes to becoming a certified translation professional and it is

certainly not just claiming fluency in two languages. It has been estimated that around 90%

of people who enquire about translation jobs have never gained any qualifications in either

translating or interpreting.

Fluency in a second language typically means the person is able to speak, understand, write

and read the second language to the level of a native speaker who is educated. This is

without a doubt one of the first stages to being a translator, but a certified translation

professional, like most professions requires constant practice, building up experience and

undertaking training.

One of the best moves a hopeful translator should make is to get accredited or certified in

the pair of languages. This means when submitting an application for a job you can prove

you have attained a certain level which gives you the opportunity to take up translation as

a professional. There are many universities offering advanced degrees in translation as

well as professional certificates. The American Translator’s Association provides for

Certified translation professional 7413227

translators’ certification programs. If you want to specialize in legal or medical translations

there are organizations which provide suitable courses like the International Medical

Interpreters Association and the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and


Another option is to check to see if translator accreditation programs are being offered in

your state. Once you have got some form of accreditation your name will appear on a

website list showcasing your achievement as a certified translation professional. These are

the sorts of places potential clients look when seeking a properly qualified translator.

Generally it’s not a requirement to get a certificate in translation in the U.S., as it is for a

doctor, but it just gives you a head start when seeking jobs.

accurate language translation services

Gaining experience is the next route to success. It’s far better to take on lower paying and

less prestigious translation jobs in your area of expertise than sit waiting for the best jobs

to come to you. It will take longer to reach your goal as a certified translation professional if

you don’t build up experience. A good starting point is the local university campus where

overseas students might need documents translated of school records, school qualifications

and medical reports that may be needed for immigration purposes.

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Another document that overseas students are required to present in the U.S. in English is a

birth certificate. These are classified as legal translations which are required by applicants

applying for adjustments of status through the United States Citizenship and Immigration

Service (USCIS). These are great experience building translation projects and you need to

be competent enough to sign and certify them as accurate translations. Seeking out these

sorts of jobs to gain experience will put you streets ahead of your competitors who may be

idly waiting around for clients to find them.

In today’s social media dominated world you must set up a social media profile for yourself.

As you can enable anyone from the public arena to join in on your patch you can get

satisfied clients to pin images or comments that will give your profile a boost and sending

you further in the right direction to being a certified translation professional.



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Certified translation professional 7413227

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