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Get Up & Get Moving Quiz

Keeping Fit!

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Get Up & Get Moving Quiz

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  1. Its Time to Get Up and Get Moving

  2. If you choose the right answer it Will take you to the next question. Question 1 Question 2 If you choose the wrong answer It will tell you that your answer is wrong And then you have to click on this box To go back to the question. Question 1

  3. Question: 1 What is a calorie? Answer 1: A calorie is a unit of measure used to describe the energy in food. Answer 2: Amount of fat in the body. Answer 3: A unit of heat energy.

  4. Correct : Well done! Question 2

  5. Sorry! Wrong answer Question 1

  6. How can you live a Healthy lifestyle? Question: 2 Answer 1: Eat a variety of different foods. Answer 2: Eat healthy. Answer 3: Eat food that is low in fat and its content is good.

  7. Correct answer  Question 3

  8. Sorry Wrong answer! Question 2

  9. Question: 3 How can you stay fit? Answer 1: Incorporate more physical exercise into your daily routine. Answer 2: Eat a lot of healthy food. Answer 3: Stop eating sugary food.

  10. Good Work! Question 4

  11. Try Again! Question 3

  12. How can you burn fat in your body? Question: 4 Answer 1: Eat only fruits and vegetables. Answer 2: Cut down on processed foods and stick with all-natural foods. Answer 3: Do a lot of exercise.

  13. You’re doing great! Question 5

  14. Sorry! Wrong Answer! Question 4

  15. Question: 5 How much should Your BMI calculate? Answer 1: 30+ Answer 2: 18.5–24.9 Answer 3: 25–29.9

  16. Well Done! Question 6

  17. Try Again! Question 5

  18. How much should the average adult exercise per week? Question: 6 Answer 1: moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes a week. Answer 2: Get at least 150 minutes a week. Answer 3: As a general goal, aim for at least 30 minutes of physical activity a week.

  19. Good Job! Question 7

  20. Sorry! Wrong Answer! Question 6

  21. How many litres of Water should you drink per day? Question: 7 Answer 1: 2 litres Answer 2: 1 litre Answer 3: 2.2 litres

  22. Try Again! Question 7

  23. Well Done!  Question 8

  24. Question: 8 Which food is rich in calories? Answer 1: Avocado Answer 2: Lettuce Answer 3: Cheese Pizza

  25. Correct Answer! Question: 9

  26. Wrong Answer! Question: 8

  27. Thank you!! I hope you did a great job!

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