Creative Peptides Will Conduct New Studies on the Novel Formulations of Active
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Creative Peptides Will Conduct New Studies on the Novel Formulations of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Our manufacturing capabilities are designed to meet actual and future customer needs in respect of\n Synthesis strategy (i.e. solid phase peptide synthesis, solution phase peptide synthesis)\n Protection groups (i.e. Boc-, Fmoc - processes)\n Purification strategy (i.e. preparative HPLC, conventional chromatography, ion exchange, gel chromatography, counter-current distribution)\n Flexibility and upscaling\n Special customer request (i.e. dedicated production lines)\n Special equipment (i.e. enzymatic unit, electrolysis unit)\nReference:\n

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Creative Peptides Will Conduct New Studies on the Novel Formulations of Active

Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Summary: Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients show a unique feature for research in biology,

proteomics, drug discovery & development, as well as biotechnological applications. Active in the

field of APIs for decades, Creative Peptides is able to provide unique services in active

pharmaceutical ingredients research. Moreover, Creative Peptides is also professional in the

custom synthesis of glycopeptides for specific research and vaccine development projects.

October 17th, 2016, Creative Peptides, a professional supplier of peptides manufacturing upon

academic, clinical, commercial and government laboratories in diverse applications, has updated

its plan in conducting new studies on the novel formulation of Active Pharmaceutical

Ingredients (APIs), which will support regulatory requirements for new products around the

world. This news mainly focuses on the application of APIs in medical practice, as well as modern

peptide study

APIs is also known as bulk pharmaceuticals, and the peptides used as APIs usually take a special

vital role in the pharmaceutical industry. Only the good management of API peptides synthesis can

better serves the pharmaceutical industry as well as the human health. Commonly, manufacturers

use certain standards to determine how strong the API is in each drug. However, the standard can

vary widely from one brand to another. And the construction of efficient screening methods for

APIs is still one of the key scientific problems to be solved in medicine field, while quality control

should be implemented from the source.

It’s common to know that the promotion of international competitiveness of pharmaceutical

intermediates and APIs industry are very meaningful for the development of pharmaceutical

industry. Therefore, Creative Peptides has recently regulated its custom peptide synthesis service

from high throughput peptide library/array synthesis to high quality bulk API peptides and

Custom GMP Peptide, which might be helpful in providing a new method for the demands of life

sciences research, as well as clinical trials or commercial supply.

Based on rapid achievements in peptides research, Creative Peptides has recently promoted a new

study on the novel formulation of APIs with support under its technical maintainable platform, as

well as years of experience. As a reliable partner for APIs manufacture, Creative Peptides has

served a great many of customers by providing qualified APIs for their projects. Now they are

broadly used in the fields of cancer, cardiovascular and diabetes research, etc. Generally, the

quality of APIs has a significant effect on the efficacy and safety of medication so that it’s

necessary to focus more onAPIs quality control.

Specifically, with enhanced peptide bioavailability and delivery methods, Creative Peptides is also

able to provide comprehensive support for all stages of APIs development and production

including Stable Isotope Labeled Peptides. Furthermore, with the advanced technologies and

innovative methodologies, mass customers’ unique requirement can be satisfied to a better degree.

In recent days, increasing manufacture are trying to make a difference in APIs, and some scientists

have said that current life sciences research should pay enough attention to ensure medication

quality and prevent defects, enabling to be responsible for patient safety.

Clearly, APIs could be significant in driving a new stage for current modern scientific research,

thus Creative Peptides will continuously discover more applicapable methods for peptide research

in the future!

About Creative Peptides

Creative Peptides is specialized in the process development and the manufacturing of bioactive

peptides. It provides customers with manufacturing services to the peptide manufacturers for the

biopharmaceutical market.


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