advance in peptides has raised increasing attention n.
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Advance in Peptides Has Raised Increasing Attention

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Advance in Peptides Has Raised Increasing Attention - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Advance in Peptides Has Raised Increasing Attention

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advance in peptides has raised increasing attention

Advance in Peptides Has Raised Increasing Attention

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As is known, it has long been a dream in medicine and pharmacy to use peptides as drugs. The driving force for such application is based on the ability of these compounds to improve the antibodies in the body. However, two major hurdles are apparent. On one hand, it is difficult to obtain sufficient quantities of the applicant materials. On the other hand, delivering the molecules to the desired target can be a great challenge as well.
  • Recently, advance in peptides has raised increasing attention around the medical community. Scientists are confused about its practical applications. Generally speaking, small peptides could be made by chemical synthesis while larger molecules could merely be produced by laborious extraction or purification from a series of natural sources. With the rapid development of peptides, maybe the problem can be improved under the help of genetic engineering. In fact, many biotech companies have already realized the reality and conducted a variety of peptides products, such as polypeptides, active peptides, and so on. All of these elements have played a crucial role.
Taking polypeptide antibiotics as an example, it has been considered as an effective way to solve antibiotic resistance problem. Actually, all of the conventional antibiotics are showing drug resistance correspond to pathogenic strains so that bacteria problem has become increasingly serious to people’s health. Polypeptide antibiotics will have a broad application prospects in the pharmaceutical industry with high antibacterial activity and broad antibacterial spectrum.
  • More specifically, relevant researches on the pre-clinical feasibility of several kinds of polypeptide antibiotics are in progress. However, a short 30 years of research is not enough. In order to replace antibiotics’ wide use in business, many problems should be taken into consideration, such as the source, cost and technical issues.
To be brief, peptides research has remained a long way to become a relatively standard tool for the pharmaceutical sciences. Therefore, more efforts in the experimental techniques of peptides applications require enough attention, because the process development will greatly help the modern advance of modern new drugs. Clearly, peptide synthesis is also the main focus of future study.
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