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A Plantation FL Chiropractor Who Really Understands Women

Westside chiropractic is conveniently located in the heart of the City of Plantation, Florida (8430 West Broward Blvd., Suite 250), and we are the ones to call no matter how much you hurt. Your Plantation Chiropractor, Dr. Lisa Owen has been providing fast, effective natural pain relief for the past fifteen years. On site X-ray and other state of the art equipment ensure fast and correct analysis of your symptoms. Dr. Owen has had extensive training in several advanced chiropractic techniques as well as neurology and orthopedics. http://drlisaowen.com/

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A Plantation FL Chiropractor Who Really Understands Women

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  1. All chiropractors claim they understand women’s needs, but do they really? Women know men try hard to understand all their needs, pains, and challenges, but unless you live with them you will never really understand. One Plantation FL chiropractor really understands the needs of women for a very simple reason. She is one. The difference this can make is tremendous. Why can this be so important? Women experience challenges from pregnancy, hormonal changes, and health risks which men do not need to deal with or understand. Men do not experience PMS, at least not on a first hand basis. They do not understand how something like breast size, choice of bras, and the use of high heels affect the way the body moves and feel. A woman understands these things perfectly, since she experiences them to one degree or another. A Plantation FL Chiropractor Who Really Understands Women

  2. The chiropractor Plantation FL women trust with their bodies has expanded her business to include services women need. This includes items like: • Breast Cancer Risk Assessment • Female Hormone Testing • Adrenal Stress Testing • Those are just a few of the items which have been added to address issues her client face. • Understanding the Female Needs in Chiropractic Care • The experience for a woman to sit down with a female chiropractor in Plantation FL is completely different. When lifestyle issues are discussed it will include detailed questions about the types of shoes you like to wear including heel height. It will include questions about the type of bra you select and how well it fits. Do not be shocked when the discussion with your chiropractor in Plantation includes questions about your menstrual cycle, your propensity for PMS symptoms, and even how you carry your children.

  3. All of those items can play a role in designing a treatment program which eliminates pain and improves your life. Have you ever stopped to think how much stress is placed on your spinal column by carrying a baby during pregnancy? What about carrying a toddler on the same hip every day? The change in weight distribution caused by carrying a child can cause your spinal column to twist or flex in the wrong way causing gradual problems to surface. By understanding how a woman thinks and acts this Plantation chiropractor takes those issues into consideration before making adjustments and discussing ideas for strengthening your body. Let us be honest for a moment. Are you more comfortable discussing issues about PMS and menstruation cycles with a man or woman? In most polls women state it is much easier to discuss these issues with a female doctor than a male doctor. They feel the connection and understanding aids in the communication process. The same is true of the chiropractor you choose. This Plantation FL chiropractor cares for men, women, and children, but her understanding for the needs of women has made her a favorite chiropractor from women in Plantation. If you have been suffering from back pain, neck pain, or a variety of other common female complaints you should take the time to meet her. You will be amazed at the easy communication and understanding.

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