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Bethesda Chiropractor Treats the Most Difficult Conditions

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Bethesda Chiropractor Treats the Most Difficult Conditions

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  1. If you have pain which shoots through your body, down your limbs, or into your head it can be debilitating. There are many causes of these types of symptoms including carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, fibromyalgia, whiplash, and misaligned spines. Without proper treatment from a chiropractor the problems usually worsen. Nearly all Bethesda chiropractors can deal with common causes of back pain, but not all of them have high rates of success with these types of advanced conditions. These cases require knowledge, experience, dedication, and a variety of treatment options to help in the healing process. Bethesda Chiropractor Treats the Most Difficult Conditions

  2. Difficult Conditions Require Specialized Care A problem which can cause major discomfort and pain is sciatica. The sciatic nerve leaves the spinal column and travels through the buttock region and down the back of the leg. When it becomes pinched or irritated the pain can be tremendous. You will feel shooting pains running down the leg. You can feel burning pain in the buttocks. In some cases it causes a prolonged tingling feeling similar to your foot or leg having lost blood circulation and being “asleep”. Sciatica is commonly caused by irritation in the spinal column, especially in the lower sections. When your Bethesda chiropractor works on these types of issues they must do very careful evaluations. This usually involves taking an x-ray to determine the vertebrae which are causing the issue. It is not uncommon for the issue to involve several vertebrae in succession which have lightly twisted, herniated, or misaligned. With gentle treatment they can be brought back into proper position and the nerve irritation reduced or eliminated. This is not a situation where you want to consider getting a single treatment and then walking away. Resolving these types of issues commonly takes several treatments, plus corrective exercises to strengthen the region so re-injury does not occur. The best chiropractor Bethesda patients use will make sure you fully understand what is required on your part. These same types of measures are required in most other conditions which are not simple in nature. You must be prepared to work with your chiropractor hand-in-hand to solve the issues.

  3. Car Accidents Cause Unique Challenges for Chiropractors Whiplash and other problems resulting from car accidents are some of the toughest to treat. It is not the fact that they are hard to detect, but more the fact that extra caution and care should be used. In most cases the patient is still suffering from soft tissue pain along with the nerve issues. The chiropractor must again carefully evaluate the condition and then use extreme caution during the chiropractic adjustments. Your Bethesda chiropractor may recommend you include massage therapy sessions along with chiropractic treatments if you were involved in an accident. The massage therapy aids in the healing of soft tissues while the adjustments deal with other issues resulting from spinal or joint problems. The massage therapy can help in the effectiveness of other adjustments, too. When the body is relaxed the adjustments are easier to make. Choose your chiropractor carefully to make sure they can treat your condition properly, no matter how severe it is.

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