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Three Common Misconceptions about Windshield Replacement - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Many people choose to leave the chips and cracks on their windshield rather than seeking help. Read the full document and know why?

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Three Common Misconceptions about Windshield Replacement

The importance of obtaining a windshield replacement is more often than not, treated with negligence. Many people

choose to leave the chips and cracks on their windshield rather than seeking help. Why? There’s a few reason. Some

people may not have the time, while others may not see the importance, due to the misconceptions they

have.Windshield replacement Regina auto shops deeply understand the dangers and pit falls of being a victim to

such misconceptions.

Here is a curtain lift on some of the most common misconceptions about windshield replacement.

Misconception 1: A windshield is not a vehicle safety equipment

Boy, is this wrong. Today, a windshield is a significant part of a car’s safety structure just as the ABS, airbag or

emergency brake. First and foremost, windshields keep away dust, debrief, and fogallowing you to clearly see the

road. More importantly, it keeps occupants from being ejected out of the vehicle in an occasion of a collision. The

windshield does all this while supporting the roof from crushing in rollover accidents. It also has a role to play in the

deployment of the airbags. In short, a broken windshield is a visibility obstruction that can result in a deadly collision,

compromising the safety of you and others around you.

Misconception 2: Driving immediately after a windscreen installation is fine

That would be a no. The windshield is put in place with the help of industrial adhesive. While its adhesion is sure as

shooting, it takes some time to start working. There should be a waiting time for the gum to get plastered and

hardened enough to be able to hold the glass firmly and fixedly. The standby time can be anything between 1 and 24

hours. Your windshield replacement Saskatoon service provider will be able to explain this.

Misconception 3: You must go by the insurer’s recommendation of auto shop

Er, no. Your purchase of an insurance policy does not snatch away your right to choose a repair shop. Your insurer

might make recommendations, but you are not legally obliged to obtain service from that particular Saskatoon

windshield replacementstore. By law, your insurer has no right to influence your decision or direct you to a certain

service shop. It’s entirely your independent decision and that can be no condition of payment. In case of

comprehensive insurance policies, calling around is needless because the price is already decided by your insurance

company. So, why go through the trouble? If you do not have a coverage, then ask for a quote in writing.

Al in all, it is very important to conduct some research before taking someone’s word of mouth. If you have a

chipped, cracked or scratched windshield, you should see an ass glass shop asap. Your safety is on the line!


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