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Questions to Ask Your Auto Glass Replace Shop - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unlike brakes, engines and other internal components, windshields are susceptible to damages at a much higher rate. Read the document and know the conditions under which windshield repair or replacement is necessary.

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Questions to ask your auto glass replace shop


Questions to Ask Your Auto Glass Replace Shop

Unlike brakes, engines and other internal components, windshields are susceptible to damages at a much

higher rate. During the occurrence of an accident, or even if you’re driving down a rocky road, the

windshield is usually the first to get damaged among other parts of your vehicle. A replacement or repair is

necessary under certain conditions.

We all know there is no scarcity of windshield repair Saskatoonshops, but picking any does not come with a

warranty of good service. How can you determine if a particular provider will deliver quality service? How do

you know he is better than the shop down the road?Simple- just ask!

Here are some questions to ask that will give you a clear picture of their standard of service.

What kind of glass do you use for the replacement? Is it original equipment quality glass (which is the best

quality) or an aftermarket fitting (a strict no-no)?

What’s the standing time after the service? Technically, it could take an hour or even 24 hours. Anything in

between is good.

Does the product have lifetime guarantee coverage against air and water leaks? A good brand always offers

this for its glasses.

What about a stress break warranty? This is not particularly compulsory to offer, but there are some

manufacturers that offer this on all its auto glass products.

Will you handle the communication with my insurance company or do I have to do that myself? A good auto

glass repair Saskatoonusually takes this responsibility to unburden their client from an already stressful


Never shy away from asking too many questions. It is not only important for your safety, but allows you to

determine the quality of service a provider is offering. Most importantly, it is your right to ask!