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all about me

All About Me

Chelsie Harris


My name is Chelsie Harris and I’m an elementary education major with a minor in Geography. I am married and have two young boys.

Teaching has always been a dream of mine ever since I was little. I would play school with my brother and younger cousins where I would be the teacher and assign them my homework from school, (probably wasn’t the best idea since the oldest one was four years younger than me).


personal interests
Personal interests

My life mainly revolves around my family and doing things with them. So my interests include-




walking to parks

and occasionally camping and hiking.

family life
Family life

Having a family and going to school can be difficult at times but it is worth it for me to get a good education to be able to take care of my family.

interests in education
Interests in Education

When I decided I wanted to get a minor, I wanted to get it in something I could use everyday and something that isn’t focused on as often in schools, so that I could bring attention back to it. I decided on Geography. Geography is a fascinating subject and something that you can continually learn new things from it.

The Amazon in South America

reasons for becoming a teacher
Reasons for becoming a teacher!

I love working with kids.

It’s amazing to see a child's face light up when they learn something new.

Having children look up to you as a role model and learn from you is a great accomplishment and feeling.

I always learn something new when I teach a class or work with kids.


personal goals for being a teacher
Personal goals for being a teacher

Have good relationships with my students

Create a safe and fun environment in my classroom

Grow as a more efficient and skillful teacher over the years

Give my students the opportunity to achieve their goals

  • Goals



experience with children
Experience with children

I have done group projects at Lowell Elementary School.

I volunteer at Thompson Falls Elementary School during the summer for their summer school program.

I have two children, and I also take care of my families children.