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Retail Trends in the Fashion Industry by Clothing Wholesalers for 2016

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Retail Trends in the Fashion Industry by Clothing Wholesalers for 2016 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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If you are with the fashion industry, we will tell you the retail trends for 2016 that will help all the clothing wholesalers and retailers.

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Retail Trends in the Fashion Industryby Clothing Wholesalers for2016

It’s always good to get an insight of the upcoming trends in your business prior to any major drift. In past few years, we all have witnessed multi-channel, mobile, big data, Omni-channel and various other changes in the retail and wholesale online shopping. This year will be no different. If you are with the fashion industry, we will tell you the retail trends for 2016 that will help all the clothing wholesalers andretailers.

1. More Paymentoptions

In the retail or wholesale online shopping, it is believed that more payment optionswill be made available. With better compliance and security, there will be arise in the mobile payments and COD. Other than this, key payment solutionplayers like Paypal and Mercury are expected to roll out new payment solutionfor theindustry.


2. Shift tomobiles

There was a time when wholesale clothing distributors and suppliers used to hold a store to sell their product. However, the internet revolution changed the way of shoppingfor

customers. And the year 2016, we further change the whole aura of wholesale online shopping. The customers now prefer handy devices for their purchases. In place of change, you can call it a transformation.

3. Personalizedoffers


'Only price', it no longer matters to the customer. It will be good to understand the customers before making any offer. Any offer should be a good proportion of products, discounts, price and the marketing strategy. A personalized offer optimization will be apter for anyorganization.

4. Bigger unifieddata

The wholesale apparel suppliers and distributors along with apparel retailers normally keep their online and offline data separately. In 2016, the retailers and wholesalers will try to unify both the online and offline data to get a more comprehensive picture of the business. This would help them to understand the tendency of the customer along with the other hidden businesssecrets.


5. Reducing friction in the online shopping

In this fast pace world, nobody wants to waste their time and energy in repeating things. This wastage of time and energy is considered as friction, which needs to be removed by the wholesale clothing distributors, clothing retailers and wholesale clothing suppliers. This could be done by removing friction from offer redemption, repeated orders, andtransaction.

6. Social mediainvolvement


The most recent trend of 2016 would be that the social Media is playing the biggest role in the wholesale online shopping. This trend will further intensify in the coming months. The review and the comment section of these social media sites will be the gamechanger.

7. Stocking up is no longerbeneficial

There was a time when wholesalers and retailers used to pile up a whole lot of stock in order to attract their customers. But, the time has completely changed now. The customer already has a wide range of wholesale clothing line up in front of them. They now prefer the unique items in comparison to the widerange.


8. Integration ofOmni-channels

There are various wholesale apparel suppliers and retailers who offer either the online mode of shopping or the offline mode of shopping. But in 2016, the change is bound to happen. Most of the industries will offer both online and offline mode of shopping for their products. In short, one could say that Omni-channels will come intobeing.

9. TVshopping


Yes, other than online and offline shopping trends, 2016 will witness the growth of TV shopping. The e-commerce is already at its peak but, the focus will be slightly shifted on the TV shopping forsure.

10. Merging of brands andretailers

It is not something very new,however, this will further enhance in 2016. The difference between the brand sand retailers are getting blurred with each passing day. The direct-to-customer model is the latest trend in the industry. The wholesalers, retailers, and manufacturers will try to directly get in touch with the customer without a middle man.


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