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How To Choose the Best Power Banks PowerPoint Presentation
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How To Choose the Best Power Banks

How To Choose the Best Power Banks

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How To Choose the Best Power Banks

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  1. HOW TO CHOOSE the best power banks Charger Harbor

  2. Make sure the power capacity of the power bank fits your needs. This is a very important aspect when you’re choosing a portable charger because the capacity has to fit what you’re going to use it for. For example, if you want power bank that just charges your smartphone for a single day, then you’d probably go for a 3,000mAh power bank. However, if you want a power source that will power your smartphone, tablet and possibly your laptop for few days, then a 20,000mAh to 30,000mAh power capacity is more of what you’re looking for. Power Capacity

  3. Not many people know what makes a power bank good at charging and this is how plenty of charging electronic companies fool their customers. There are things like “Blazing Fast 1 Amp Charging” but 1 Amp charging is actually slow charging. This is why it’s important to know that the higher the Amperage is, the faster the charging will be. Sure, with small power banks, you’re going to be receiving 1 Amp charging for the most part but there’s still 2 Amp small power banks. However, you shouldn’t settle for a power 15,000mAh – 20,000mAh power bank that has a 1 Amp charging speed. A higher capacity power bank should have a 2 Amp charging speed for at least one of its ports and a max Output of 4.8A for a High Capacity power bank is really good. Charging Speed

  4. Power banks are made for one main reason; to provide portable power. This is why it’s important to know just how portable you need your power bank to be, so you can either take it anywhere for small power banks. With that said, the portability of a power bank will also reflect its capabilities. The smaller the portable charger, the less amount of power capacity that it will have. The larger the portable power bank, then it will have a higher capacity and more charging capabilities. The main things for power banks pertaining to their portability is their size and their weight. A power bank can actually be small and still be somewhat heavy; or it could be rather large and still be light. Portability For example, if you just want a power bank that you can use everyday and take anywhere easily, then you’d go with a slim charger.

  5. Most of the time when we think about power banks, we think of a single charging ported device. But power banks are capable of so much more than that, because they can have upwards of 4 ports and that means you charge 4 devices at once. Power banks with many ports are really helpful if you want to charge many of your own devices at the same time. Or a power bank with many charging ports can be used by anyone in a household as a close powering station. Of course, when your deciding to get a power bank with many charging ports, you also have to take into consideration what the charging speed of each of the ports is and what the Max Output of the power bank is. Ports

  6. There are plenty of charging electronic companies that price their power banks at a very high price. Don’t be fooled by them. Power banks aren’t some sort of charging technology that is absurdly special. Sure, portable chargers are VERY convenient, but even a 20,000mAh power bank SHOULD NOT cost $100. Instead, you should be matching the capabilities of the power bank to its price. The very straightforward way is that the lower the capacity, the lower the price will be. A 3,000mAh – 5,000mAh power bank may be $10-$20. A high capacity power bank like 15,000mAh – 20,000mAh may be $30-$40. You should look out for a logical price and understand that portable chargers are actually a convenient and AFFORDABLE piece of technology. Price