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Teeth Whitening Procedure in Hayward CA

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Teeth Whitening Procedure in Hayward CA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dr. Uppal, Cosmetic Dentist in Hayward, Ca offers Teeth Whitening services in his dental office. To avail the best white teeth, make a visit to our dental clinic.\n

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Teeth Discoloration
  • Teeth can become discolored by stains or by some internal changes within the tooth. There are three main reasons of teeth discoloration
  • Extrinsic: This type of discoloration occurs when the
  • outer most layer of the tooth (the enamel) is stained. The
  • main causes of extrinsic discoloration is the consumption
  • of staining
  • Intrinsic: Intrinsic discoloration occurs when the inner
  • structure of the tooth gets yellow due to excess fluoride
  • during early childhood, internal bleeding, trauma in
  • permanent tooth and various other reasons
  • Age related: This type of discoloration is due to both intrinsic and
  • extrinsic. Dentin a internal tooth structure will naturally yellow as
  • time goes. The enamel will wear off over time, which allows the
  • dentin look shabby
Why Teeth Whitening?
  • There are various reasons why you need to opt
  • teeth whitening procedure. As age goes
  • everything changes, just as your hairs and skin
  • color vary teeth also do.
  • Teeth can also gets stained by various foods and
  • drinks such as teeth, coffee, red wine etc.
  • Calculus accumulation can affect the color of
  • teeth

Expected Duration
  • Teeth discoloration can be removed with
  • professional cleaning. The overall treatment can
  • take three to four weeks.
  • Initial two to three weeks of your dental visit you
  • will be thoroughly examined and later which you
  • will have to continue the treatment in home as
  • directed by the dentist.
  • In-home treatment involves applying the teeth
  • whitening products over two to four weeks

How long will my teeth stay whiter?
  • This can vary person to person, but it is said that
  • it lasts up to three years.
  • The effect of teeth whitening can wear if there is
  • no proper care taken.
  • The effect can wear away sooner if you smoke,
  • eat or drink products that stain your teeth

When to call a dental professional?
  • Teeth discoloration is a cosmetic problem
  • which can be treated by a cosmetic dentist.
  • Visit a dentist in Hayward, CA if you are
  • unhappy with the smile you possess.
  • In office teeth whitening procedure in
  • Haywardprovide the quickest way to
  • whiten your teeth

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