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Cosmetic Dentistry – Know Your Options

Curious about your smile? Then you need to visit a cosmetic dentist who can improve your smile with any of the cosmetic dentistry procedures. This presentation covers various procedures involved in cosmetic dentistry and what to look when you are finding a cosmetic dentist.

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Cosmetic Dentistry – Know Your Options

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  1. Cosmetic Dentistry –Know Your Options www.dentalofficehayward.com/cosmetic- dentistry-california

  2.  It is a dental practice which mainly focuses on improving the appearance of one's smile, teeth gums or bite.  These days many dentists refer themselves as cosmetic dentist regardless of their education, training, specialty and experience in the field.

  3.  Teeth Whitening  Porcelain veneers  Dental bonding  Dental implants  Dental bridges  Dentures  Tooth contouring and reshaping  Dental fillings  Cosmetic gum surgery  Dental Crown

  4. www.dentalofficehayward.com/teeth- whitening-california  With teeth whitening procedure in Hayward you can get rid of the stains and discoloration eventually lightening the teeth.  It is one of the most commonly practiced procedures in cosmetic dentistry to improve the overall look of your teeth.

  5.  Porcelain veneers are custom made shells generally used to cover the front portion of teeth to brighten, straighten or revamp the smile.  Dental veneers can be used when the teeth are discolored, when the teeth are chipped or broken, misaligned teeth, uneven teeth, irregularly shaped teeth, teeth with gaps between them.

  6.  It is regarded as one of the least expensive procedure in cosmetic dentistry. It uses composite resin to repair decayed, fractured, chipped and discolored teeth. It is also considered to be the easiest of all the cosmetic procedures as it can get finished in single visit to a dentist.

  7.  Dental implant is an artificial tooth which is placed into your jaw as a replacement to your missing tooth. Dental implant can be the best option for your missing teeth and has proven to give best result so far.  People who have lost their teeth or tooth due to gum disease, injury or by any reason, dental implant treatment should be a better option.

  8.  A dental bridge is used as a substitute for missing teeth. It is a fixed partial denture which is placed at the missing teeth site with the support of adjacent teeth.  Dental bridge is made up of two or more crowns which is shown in the figure

  9.  A denture is a removable dental appliance which is used as a replacement for missing teeth and the surrounding tissue. You can find two types of dentures, complete and partial dentures.  Complete dentures are used when all the teeth are lost, whereas partial dentures are used when some natural teeth are still remaining.

  10.  If you have cracked tooth then tooth contouring procedure can help you.  It can help you in modifying the size and shape of the teeth so that the teeth that are damaged or out of proportion are brought back into alignment with the other teeth accordingly

  11.  In order to fill the holes in your teeth which are formed due to crack, when the teeth is worn out, or after removing decayed material.  It restores the function, shape and integrity of the teeth structure.

  12.  If the gums rest too low or too high on your teeth then this can make the smile awful. With the help of this procedure you can even out the uneven gum line and provide you the smile which you can feel proud of.

  13.  Dental crown is fixed on to the existing teeth to cover the damaged tooth.  It is also used with dental implant procedure to provide tooth like structure.  A crown can be used to instead of large filling, to protect a weak tooth, used with dental bridge, to cover a discolored or poorly shaped tooth.

  14. When you are trying to find a cosmetic dentist then here are some tips which you need to look for.  View their work: How do you do that? Look for Before and After photos  Check the credentials: Look where the dentist has completed the schooling, look if they are associated with continuing education and organizations.  Experience: How long the dentist is practicing cosmetic dentistry?  Check to see if the dentist is using the latest dental technology  Check for Positive Patient Testimonials  Positive Office Atmosphere

  15.  We have been creating beautiful smiles for the patients of Hayward and surrounding area.  Dr. Charanjit S. Uppal is a caring and gentle dentist at Uppal Dental Care. He is a skilled cosmetic dentist in Hayward for his expertise.  Our motive is to offer best dental care in an environment that is relaxed and warm for the patients who come to us for their dental needs.

  16. If you are a resident in and around Hayward, CA. Then you can straight away make an appointment with Uppal Dental Care, a dental office in Hayward, CA. You can meet some of the skilled dentists in Hayward, CA to meet your dental requirement. Office Hours Monday 10:00 AM6:00 PM Tuesday 10:00 AM6:00 PM Wednesday 10:00 AM6:00 PM Thursday 10:00 AM6:00 PM Friday 10:00 AM6:00 PM Saturday By Appointment Only Sunday Closed Except Emergencies

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