we are a family run retreat center focused n.
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Get The Best Yoga Training In Thailand PowerPoint Presentation
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Get The Best Yoga Training In Thailand

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Get The Best Yoga Training In Thailand - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Feel the mesmerizing experience of yoga at Chakra Yoga . We offer you a unique and complete yoga experience from beginner classes through to advanced teacher trainings. For more: https://www.chakrayoga.com

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Get The Best Yoga Training In Thailand

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we are a family run retreat center focused

We are a family run retreat center focused on training, healing and event space on the amazing Thai island of KohPhangan.

High up in the jungle, our place in nature is simple, rugged & pure.

A commitment to community, sustainability & growth.

Telephone No:- +66 88 172 5053

Email ID:- david@pyramidyoga.com

what does a yoga course entail

What Does A Yoga Course Entail?

Practicing yoga is quite infectious, once you start you can never stop. Whether you want to just practice yoga or study and know more about it, you can opt for yoga courses offered by various universities. It is often heard that people go to India or Thailand to learn and discover new aspects of this Healing Retreat.

History of yoga: Every yoga course would illuminate you on the history behind yoga- who started it and when and why.

The methodology and alignment ofpostures: Every yoga course would teach you the right way to do the yoga postures taking care of your body alignment.

things to know before yoga training

Things To Know Before Yoga Training

Do it for YOU!

Don’t do it because all your friends or your favourite celebrities are doing it, do it because YOU want to. Yoga training is completely about yourself.

Coming across different personalities

You will come face to face with a lot of different personalities in your yoga training. Spending hours and days with the same group builds tolerance in you. Not only with people but you might come across different personalities of your own.

You will feel the change

While people would see the change in you, you will feel it. You will come alive with yoga training with positivity all around you.

Thailand is blessed with some of the best Yoga courses. Yoga Training in Thailand is going to help you discover the new you.

contact us now


Chakra Yoga

Head Office:- 58/34 MOO 8 CHOLUKLUM,



Telephone No:-+66 88 172 5053

Email ID:-david@pyramidyoga.com

Website:- https://www.chakrayoga.com