thinking about your unplanned pregnancy n.
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Free Pregnancy Tests - A Women's Haven PowerPoint Presentation
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Free Pregnancy Tests - A Women's Haven

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Free Pregnancy Tests - A Women's Haven - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Woman’s Haven, Inc. is here to help you in making an informed decision. We understand you need a place to think, to process, and to share what’s on your mind in a non-judgmental environment. We are here to give you all of your options and support you.

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Pregnancy can be a very emotional time in your life. Many women want to have children. And they want to have children when they are ready and best able to care for them

If your pregnancy is unexpected, you may be feeling scared or confused about what to do. It is important to remember that you have options. But first, you need to make sure that you’re pregnant.

If you are pregnant, you have three options to think about — abortion, adoption, and parenting. Reading and learning about each one will help you get the facts and may help you decide


It may also help to weigh the benefits and risks of each one. Think about which benefits and risks are most important to you. Only you can decide what is right for you.

Women often find it helpful to talk it through with someone else. You may choose to talk with your partner or a trusted family member or friend. Pick someone you think will be supportive.

In this stage A Woman’s Haven can guide you for taking any further step.

reason behind abortion
The pregnancy wasn’t planned
  • The pregnancy is harmful to the mother’s health
  • The pregnancy is the result of rape
  • The fetus may have a birth defect
Reason behind Abortion
option for a woman who had unplanned pregnancy
Option for a Woman Who had Unplanned Pregnancy
  • Medical Abortion
  • Surgical Abortion
medical abortion abortion pill
Medical Abortion“abortion pill”

A medical abortion involves taking a prescription medicine called “Mifepristone” which is also called the “abortion pill”. The pill is used to end an early pregnancy.

It works by blocking progesterone, the hormone that builds up the lining of a women’s uterus during pregnancy. Without progesterone, the lining of the uterus is unable to hold a pregnancy.

As the lining of the uterus breaks down, bleeding occurs. The abortion pill can only be used up to 49 days after the first day of the last period (or 9 weeks). It’s about 97% effective.

surgical abortion
Surgical Abortion

A surgical abortion is a procedure that terminates a pregnancy, which is typically performed up to 16 weeks after the pregnant woman’s last period.

A doctor or advanced practice nurse usually performs the procedure in an out-patient office or clinic, or hospital.

many young women find it useful to talk with
Many young women find it useful to talk with a trusted adult about the decision to terminate a pregnancy.

For teens, this is usually a parent or other relative; sometimes a counsellor, nurse or your primary care provider is the first person you talk to when you find out about the pregnancy.

Many clinics offer free counselling if you have a positive pregnancy test.

In this important stage A Woman’s Haven can guide you to take right step for you future.

it s important to consider your moral
It’s important to consider your
  • Moral and/or religious beliefs
  • Financial situation, now and in the future
  • Educational and career plans
  • Your sources of emotional support from Parents, partner, relatives and Friends
contact us
Contact Us

A Woman’s Haven, Inc.

8647 Wurzbach Rd.map3, Suite C

San Antonio, TX 78240

Phone: 210-224-2902

After Hours: 800-848-5683