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Fighting Traffic Tickets PowerPoint Presentation
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Fighting Traffic Tickets

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Fighting Traffic Tickets
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Fighting Traffic Tickets

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  1. Traffic Lawyer In Philadelphia A Pennsylvania Traffic Lawyer May be the Best Solution if You Get a Ticket A Philadelphia speeding ticket lawyer knows the many ways in which traffic law can be used to protect your rights. That’s why it’s smart to contact an attorney before putting a check in the mail. If you have points added onto your license, you could lose it with the added penalty, which could even lead to job loss in some cases where a valid driver’s license is required.

  2. Fighting Traffic Tickets Getting a traffic ticket in Pennsylvania is definitely something to be avoided, even if the traffic violation is relatively minor. For example, a traffic citation for a non-criminal offense includes speeding and driving too closely to a vehicle in front of you. All these violations mean fines and adding unwanted points to your driving record. In Pennsylvania, if you have collected six points on your license you are at risk of license suspension. If the penalty involves the withdrawing of driving privileges, you might well be required to pay a large amount of money to get your license reinstated.

  3. Speeding Tickets When you receive a ticket after being stopped by a patrol officer, or have one mailed to you as a result of speed traps or a camera’s work at an intersection, you can conclude that you are guilty of your offense and peacefully mail in your fine and thus admit your guilt. However, you should realize that there might have been an error when your speed was recorded, and those errors might soon multiply if the new speed cameras are put into effect in Pennsylvania. These cameras have been heavily criticized for inaccuracy and a lack of testing by retired law enforcement officers, who see them as simply an easy way for states to balance their budgets with little regard for accuracy.

  4. A small investment in a competent Philadelphia traffic ticket lawyer can help you to preserve your driving record, keep your insurance premiums down and pay a lower fine or even have your case dismissed. Traffic Court Lawyer Hire a speeding ticket lawyer to handle any traffic citations you may receive. They can help to reduce your fines and any other penalties that come with those citations.

  5. Traffic Lawyer In Philadelphia For inquiries please visit :