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Misoprostol abortion pill is the most efficient means to terminate unplanned pregnancy. Purchase Misoprostol online as it completely ends early pregnancy by obstructing the progesterone hormone. Buy Mifepristone online from at reasonable prices.

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Mifepristone is anti-glucocorticoid and anti-progesterone. It is a synthetic steroid that blocks progesterone hormone from developing uterine lining.
  • This mechanism stops pregnancy parts development, and disintegrates fetus, by curtailing nutrition and oxygen. It dilates cervix for ease of abortion.
  • Take 1 to 3 pills (200mg each tablet) of this product, orally with water on the first day of pregnancy termination.
The anti-progesterone medicine for abortion causes almost no side effects. But, some women experience consequences that are relieved after pregnancy ending completes.
  • Diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, mood swings, headache, vaginal bleeding, breast tenderness etc.
  • Those allergic to Mifepristone or taking overdose of this medicine can get symptoms like skin rashes, breathing difficulty, irregular heartbeat etc.


Women taking Mifepristone must not use other hormonal/herbal supplements, and restrict from smoking, drinking alcohol, operating heavy machinery/vehicles, physical exercise etc.

  • Females who suffer from disorders of heart, kidneys, eyes, liver, lungs, immune system, metabolism, and pelvis etc, or are breastfeeding, ectopic pregnant must not use anti-progesterone for abortion.
  • Abortion pill must be only used within 63 days of gestation.

Buy Abortion Pill Online