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Car Repair Books PowerPoint Presentation
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Car Repair Books

Car Repair Books

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Car Repair Books

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  1. Auto Repair Guide Auto-Mechanic PRO is an essential membership resource for all mechanics, apprentices and technicians who want to perform quick, accurate, reliable hassle-free repairs, diagnostics and maintenance on older and modern car engines, sensors and hundreds of other "under-the-bonnet" technologies.

  2. Car Repair Books It's ideal for both beginners who're starting out or want to improve their existing skills — and experienced technicians/employees who've been in business for years and want to catch-up with latest trends, in's and out's of modern vehicles... and who typically deal with advanced work like: • Basic Electrics • Starting Circuits • Charging Circuits • Primary Ignition • Secondary Ignition • Mechanical Fuel Injection • Electronic Fuel Injection • Sensors and Actuators • Emissions • Engine Control Modules • Trouble Shooting Chart • Mechanical Pumps • Common Rail • OBD / Fault Codes • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) • Air Conditioning • Anti-Locking Braking Systems (ABS) • Turbochargers • Variable Valve Timing • Waveform Library and Oscilloscope Settings • ...and of course hundreds more!

  3. Car Repair Books By the time you finish going through the course modules, you will have more actual know-how (learning all A to Z nuts-and-bolts related to fast and accurate practical diagnostics and fixes of all kinds), then 99% of experienced mechanics. This is no exaggeration! And believe it or not, even advanced technicians don't understand what you'll know! Auto-Mechanic PRO also focuses on eliminating costly mistakes and teaches you in's and out's of car repair and diagnostics in days — and not years after someone's vehicle unexpectedly died because of your inexperience or negligence to properly diagnose/fix the engine or wiring.

  4. Automotive Repair Books Auto-Mechanic PRO membership will give you an unfair advantage over established businesses, make you ton of money, and save you years of deadly trial-and-error. Learn about all engine sensor technologies and electrical wiring schemes, color codes and descriptions. Never again find yourself stuck or wondering what something means, how it's connected to something else, how it works or what to do when it's faulty.

  5. Auto Repair Guide For inquiries please visit :