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The Calasanz System

Westport Boxing offers a wide range of Physical Arts and disciplines. Grow your skills in Kung Fu, Karate, intensive training, kickboxing, Wing Chun arts with experienced guidance of professionals and trainers at Calasanz Physical Arts and fitness system & Westport Boxing. Call us today (203) 847-6528 to register yourself for our training programs.<br>

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The Calasanz System

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  1. Calasanz Martial Arts & Fitness Center 12,000 Square foot facility 507 Westport Avenue Norwalk, CT 06851 www.calasanz.com 1-800-414-9544 • (203) 847-6528 & Your journey to real ThePerfect Fit Martial Arts Fitness Bring the benefits of the Calasanz System™ to YOU! The Perfect Fit brings our trainers into your home, office, or hotel room. www.the-perfectfit.com • (203) 847-6528 InterDojo.com TM Calasanz System™ is an internet service that enables martial art and fitness enthusiasts across the globe to share Calasanz’s wealth of experience and information and interact with each other online! Members are also entitled to access Calasanz Formula Videos™ - the complete Calasanz System™ demonstrated by Calasanz himself. www.interdojo.com • (203) 847-6528 Welcometo the possibility of Change

  2. ® The Calasanz System™ Calasanz Physical Arts Disciplines within The Calasanz System™ One-on-One Training Many martial arts clubs have a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching. Calasanz and his certified personal trainers tailor a program just for you. Whether you are a seasoned martial artist looking to improve your skills or a beginner looking for a great way to get fir, Calasanz and his team will work with you in creating a program that meets your fitness and martial art goals. One-on-one training is the most superior method of enhancing your body and your skills. Calasanz Physical Arts® body conditioning system is a proprietary set of exercises available only through the The Calasanz System™. Evolved over 30 years through Calasanz study of the human body, martial arts, and modern sports strength and conditioning techniques, physical arts are the most sophisticated and comprehensive system of exercise the world of fitness has to offer. Calasanz has spent over 30 years developing and perfecting his system of martial arts and fitness training. His unique teaching methods have helped countless men, women and children of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels enjoy the martial arts while getting fit. Take a look inside for reasons why people like you have made Calasanz their number one destination for superior martial arts and fitness training. • Physical Arts • Kickboxing • Wing Chun Kung Fu • American boxing • Chinese Boxing • Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate • Self Defense, Street Survival, Law Enforcement • MMA • Chen Chuan Long Fist • Weapons The exercises are holistic, so in the same exercise you are training strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, coordination, and muscle unity. Many of the exercises are functional, so you are actually learning a specific martial arts technique. And yes, as in many martial arts teachings, there are hidden secrets within the exercises for you to discover as you go along. The exercises are performed with light ankle weights and dumbbells and done on the floor, ballet bar, special platform, or bench. The aerobic and anaerobic nature of these exercises help you burn fat, lose weight and tone the entire body. Regular practice of Calasanz Physical Arts® increases the power of your strikes, strengthens and elongates your body, relieves stress and increases your over all well being. The Calasanz System™ uniquely integrates essential martial arts disciplines within a contemporary physical development program that challenges and nurtures mind, body and spirit. Students can, if they choose to, first achieve a black belt in the The Calasanz System™ in order to establish a good foundation and a keen understanding of the threads that connect all martial arts. Once this integrative program has been completed, students often segue into specific disciplines that intrigue them, and from there can focus on mastering their subtleties. Infinite Possibilities Personal Choice Staying interested in your exercise plan is very often the biggest challenge to reaching your fitness goals. Calasanz attributes much of his success to the variety of training possibilities available to his students. There is so much to do and so much to learn in this system that it is possible that you may never have the same workout twice. Calasanz has set out to disprove the misconception that martial arts are all about fighting. At Calasanz, you have the choice of choosing the path your training will take; Calasanz and his experienced trainers will get you there. Spirit Mind Body Spirit is tasteless and silent, but you can feel it. You can feel someone’s presence when they are near and it lingers after they’ve gone. Without speaking a word, without knowing anything about a person, you can estimate if they’re strong, stressed, healthy, guilty, joyful, arrogant, tired, or confident. What’s your spirit like? The mind is intimately connected to the body. Its perceptions, emotions and patterns have a direct effect on the health and performance of the body. Mastery of the mind is arguably more important than the conditioning of the body. Mastering the mind will give you mastery over the body. The body is a temple, the capsule that houses and carries us through life. Through our feelings and sense it feeds us from harm, propels us through physical challenges, and presents visual cues to others about its current health. So vastly complex, even the most intelligent among us cannot completely understand it. One thing remains certain though. Its health and its ability to perform is of great importance. We help to guide you to your goals. Any path you choose will take focus, fortitude, and discipline. Each person’s goal and subsequent challenges will be different. But the mindset will be the same. The urge to quit may present itself whether you are trying to lose weight, learn a new technique, or train for a fight. The urge to do more will also come about... When you really should be resting. Our system will challenge you to gain control of the mind, disciplining it to endure through tough times and remain calm and diligent through the good. 4 Spirit is the result and sum of experiences the body and mind have lived through. Our system provides a diverse way to take your body and mind through a range of experiences that forge spirit through a delicate blend of rigor and nurturing. Creating a spirit that is strong, healthy, calm, confident, clear, humble, and in complete harmony with the universe around it is the goal of our system. 4 The Calasanz System™ calls upon ancient, time tested disciplines and modern sports conditioning modalities to hone strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, coordination, reaction, muscle unity, and internal harmony. Our system makes your body healthy and maximizes its potential athletically and aesthetically. 4

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