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Mixed Martial Arts Fitness Center Club PowerPoint Presentation
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Mixed Martial Arts Fitness Center Club

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Mixed Martial Arts Fitness Center Club - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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We are offering American Boxing, Recreational Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Women's Self Defense, Karate,Kung Fu,Kickboxing, Physical Arts, Chinese Boxing,Martial Arts Training Programs. Physical Arts are a great way to improve flexibility and lengthen the body. In this video, Calsanz works with one of his students and various physical arts and aerobic isolation exercises....Have a look at what we do here at Calasanz Physical Art. Read more:

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Mixed Martial Arts Fitness Center Club

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Mixed Martial Arts Fitness Center Club

Calasanz cordially invites you to become one of the dojo’s Calasanz Patron Pass members. Calasanz Patron Pass

is available to new, current and former members who have had a history of supporting the school over the years as it

has grown from a storefront operation to one of the largest dojos in the world!

New members are especially encouraged to join! Membership is also open to Former Members and all Calasanz


As a holder of the Calasanz Patron Pass, you will enjoy the following Benefits:

Electronic Entry To The Dojo* (Open workout training is only available to new and current members)

• Due to varying work schedules and personal commitments, many of our members have expressed an interest in

having access to the school during various “off-peak” hours so they can train or just stretch meditate in a quiet,

restful environment. Not only is this a great workout opportunity, but a convenient “get away” if you just want to

train and de-stress after a long day!

Access to the front dojo area

Monday through Friday, from 4:00AM to 9:00PM

Saturday and Sunday, from 6:00AM to 5:00PM

Access to the back area

7 days per week, from 4:00AM to 11:00PM.

• At any time between 9:AM – 10:00PM, you can come by with friends and family (using your entry code access

card) to have a tour, visit the complimentary tea bar and bookstore, and just spend time in this beautiful, inspiring


• Former Members can also come with a friend or family member once a month and participate in a Group Training


Connect with the Web-Based Calasanz Community

• Receive up-to-the-minute news on coming events, seminars, promotions, group gatherings and festivities via email,

text messaging, RSS feeds and social media posts.

• Connect with the Calazanz Member Community on Facebook & Twitter.

• Access hundreds of unique training videos with a 50% discount to a subscription to the

The Calasanz Patron Pass is valid for one year from the date of purchase. You can pay for the service with a monthly

payment of $8.33 with an initial $20.00 activation fee or prepay the year membership up front for $95.00. This

product and membership is separate from any current or existing Calasanz membership and is non-transferable and


Martial Arts & Fitness Center

507 Westport Avenue, Norwalk Connecticut 06851 800.414.9544