Using cvid to find your ideal candidate
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Using CVid to find your ideal candidate - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Save valuable time and money whilst finding the best, faster. Learn how CVid can transform your company's recruitment processes today with this informative presentation.

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Using cvid to find your ideal candidate

Using CVid To Find Your Ideal Candidate

A visual guide on how businesses can use CVid to source job applications

Using cvid to find your ideal candidate


Outdated Methods - Slide 3

See the personality, not just the PDF- Slide 4

Introducing CVid - Slide 5

A Better Way To Fill Roles- Slide 6

CVid Brings CVs To Life - Slide 7

The Process Is Simple- Slide 8

More Than Just A CV- Slide 9

View, Rate, Tag And Shortlist- Slide 10

You Choose The Questions- Slide 11

Save Time And Find Better Recruits- Slide 12

Packages To Suit You - Slide 13

10 Benefits Of CVid- Slide 14

Contact Us - Slide 25

Outdated methods
Outdated Methods

Despite new innovations, the general process of creating and sending CVs still looks very much like it did decades ago. However, when we look to hire, the key things are:

But, what if there was a way to determine all the above, before the interview process?

See the personality not just the pdf
See The Personality, Not Just The PDF

We all want to find the best recruits. However, finding the cream of the crop is often an expensive and long-winded process.

We believe that it shouldn't be.

Introducing cvid
Introducing CVid

Your pre-interview screening solution.

Stop wasting time and money relying on traditional CVs and interviewing candidates who are not right for the role.

A better way to fill roles
A Better Way To Fill Roles

The way people search for talent is antiquated, because a piece of paper is not a true reflection of character. So, CVid are using technology as a tool to change the way we search for talent so that you can see, hear and get a feel for your potential candidates.

This means you can find the best candidates, faster.

Cvid brings cvs t o life
CVid Brings CVs To Life

CVid is the newest and best way to find the right recruits faster. Use our web-based platform to view video CVs of candidates, rate them, tag them and shortlist them.

Plus you can share everything via email, making the interview screening process easier than ever and ensuring you don't miss out on the best recruits.

The process is simple
The Process Is Simple:

1. Sign Up

2. Create

3. Watch

4. Select

More than just a cv
More Than Just A CV

CVid allows you to get a sense of the applicant’s personality - something you can’t do with a standard CV.

View rate tag and shortlist
View, Rate, Tag And Shortlist

Our employer portal allows you to view all of your candidates and easily rate, tag, and shortlist them into folders for easy reference.

You choose the questions
You Choose The Questions

You can choose from a selection of over 80 researched recruitment questions that allow you to find the right person for the job.


Save time and find better recruits
Save Time And Find Better Recruits

CVid allows you to screen candidates more effectively, and not let the best recruits slip through the net; all whilst saving time by creating a more streamlined application process.

Packages to suit you
Packages To Suit You

You can't put a price on a great employee, but you can put a price on the best way to find them.

There are a range of packages and ad packs available to suit your company or recruitment needs.

See All Our Packages

Still not convinced
Still not convinced?

Here are 10 more benefits to using CVid.

1 accuracy
1. Accuracy

Quickly identify who fits the role requirements through our candidate rating system

2 security
2. Security

Password protected online storage of videos

3 efficiency
3. Efficiency

Improve productivity by removing the need to schedule and conduct preliminary interviews

4 branding
4. Branding

Corporate branded recruitment campaign pages

5 effective
5. Effective

The complete presentation of candidates enhances the decision making process

6 targeted
6. Targeted

Select targeted questions, relevant to the skills you are seeking in a candidate

7 transparent
7. Transparent

Structured and standardised interviews ensure consistent, fair and easy assessments

8 availability
8. Availability

Avoid time zone clashes for candidates who aren’t local

9 organised
9. Organised

Make personal notes on each video and store videos within each client account under specific roles

10 collaborative
10. Collaborative

Collaborate the recruitment process with the entire team via video sharing

Contact us
Contact Us

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