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Fat Accumulation and Liposuction

Baltimore Plastic Surgeons can help remove stubborn fat accumulation when diet and exercise aren't enough.

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Fat Accumulation and Liposuction

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  1. Fat Accumulation and Liposuction Cosmetic Surgery Center of Maryland 8322 Bellona Ave Suite 300 Towson, MD 21204 410-2960414

  2. Liposuction and Fat • Weight gain isn’t the only reason different body parts appear fattier than others; there are multiple ways we can accumulate fat. However, each area is susceptible to fat in its own unique way. • Even if you exercise and have a healthy diet, you may still have trouble getting rid of unwanted areas of fat. Liposuction removes these fat deposits and sculpts your body into the figure you desire.

  3. Belly Fat • Fat in the stomach area is the result of empty calories and fat from food, especially sugar and refined carbohydrates. Some belly fat is close to the surface, which can be addressed surgically, while some fat exists deep within the belly. The only way to reduce this kind of fat is by losing weight with exercise and dietary changes.

  4. THIGH FAT • Commonly referred to as saddlebags, fat that accumulates on the thighs and hip area is some of the hardest to target. Genetics and gender are strong components in thigh fat—particularly the inner thighs. Furthermore, we burn fewer calories with age and the fat settling in our thighs is thicker, which can lead to a less-defined figure. Liposuction can make thighs look leaner, and it may make your butt look better too, due to a more proportionate result.

  5. BUTT FAT • While your genes are partially to blame for fat that accumulates in your butt, your body shape is also responsible. Pear-shaped bodies tend to carry extra weight in the butt. However, if your butt is too small to bear extra fat, it may appear larger than it actually is.

  6. Arm and Back Fat Arm Fat Back Fat Lumps and rolls that appear on the upper back and around the bra line can be bothersome and hard to disguise. This kind of fat often has a genetic component. Not wearing a properly fitted bra can also cause the look of unsightly back fat. When the back band is too tight or ill-fitting, it can create a bulge because the fabric is digging into the skin. • Fat accrues in the arms because of too much weight gain overall. The arms are often one of the last parts of the body to gain weight because they contain fewer fat cells—fat gets stored there when there is nowhere else for it to go. Once the fat is deposited in the arms, they can become saggy and flabby.

  7. Liposuction Why have liposuction? Results Remove unwanted, localized fat deposits & bulges Improve your body contour Change body proportion to enhance overall shape Improve overall appearance and self-image Liposuction is a great solution for people who experience: • Localized fat deposits that will not respond to regular diet and exercise • Disproportionate areas of the body

  8. About the Procedure • Liposuction is performed through a small, inconspicuous incision. A sterile saline solution with adrenaline and anesthetic is injected to minimize bleeding and improve patient comfort and safety. Then a thin, hollow tube called a cannula is manipulated back and forth to loosen the excess fat. The dislodged fat is then suctioned out of the body using a surgical vacuum or syringe attached to the cannula. • Our surgeons also use an ultrasonically assisted liposuction technique that uses ultrasonic energy to liquefy excess fat prior to surgical suctioning. • These techniques may be used to reduce localized fat deposits of the thighs, hips, buttocks, abdomen, waist, upper arms, neck, back, inner knee and chest area. Liposuction takes approximately one to five hours, depending on the complexity of the procedure and the number of areas addressed. This surgery is done on an outpatient basis with either IV sedation or general anesthesia. Because safety is our first concern, we always work with board-certified anesthesiologists to ensure that your surgery is as safe as possible. Following your surgery, you will be able to rest in the comfort of your own home.

  9. Cosmetic Surgery Center of Maryland Cosmetic Surgery Center of Maryland is a team of board-certified plastic surgeons that has been serving the Baltimore, MD area for over 10 years. We specialize in a wide variety of cosmetic procedures, ranging from breast augmentation and liposuction to injectables such as BOTOX and laser skin treatments. As a group practice, we have doctors specializing in many different procedures, providing excellent care to suit each patients’ specific needs.

  10. The Surgeons of Cosmetic Surgery Center of Maryland

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