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Benefits of Responsive web design PowerPoint Presentation
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Benefits of Responsive web design

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Benefits of Responsive web design
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Benefits of Responsive web design

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  1. Top can Top 5 5 benefits can fuel benefits of fuel growth of responsive growth of responsive web of your web design business? design and and how how it it your business? Responsive alike. It is a simple practice of laying-out and coding in such a manner that it provides an optimal experience with convenience of reading, navigation while the website is viewed on a mobile or tablet and other extensive range of devices. Often, in absence of Responsive scroll the website in such a way that they are able to view the website well on phone or tablet but Responsive website design seeks to relieve this problem. Responsive Web Web Design Design is getting a fast adopted approach by big and small business Responsive website website design design, views need to resize the font or the page or, pan and Smart phone and tablet consumption is intensely high these days and with this rapidly rising trend, mobile-friendly websites are a necessity for businesses. Erstwhile, integration online but smart phones-tablets trend has brought Click versus Touch, Pixel-resolution, optimized markup and numerous other factors into consideration while designing. a web designers dealt with maintain improved and convenient SEO may be important to digital marketing strategy but Responsive website design is integral for customer interaction and ease of access. Mobile Design defining factors for maintain superior interaction due to these advantages: Mobile Friendly Friendly Website Website Design India India companies state that Responsive website design is among the top

  2. 1. 1. Responsive Responsive website website design design is is flexible flexible Responsive web design India sites allow the content to independently through distinct screen resolutions and devices. The fluidity of the grids, images allow the website to spread on an allotted space and retain the aesthetic, convenient nod easy to read aspect. 2. 2. Superior Superior User User Experience Experience and and interaction interaction Sure, content is top but if the user experience on a particular website is not unto the par then there won't be any conversion. The Responsive website design helps visitors maintain convenient without needing to turn a laptop on every time they log on to a website. Thus Responsive website design offer computer laptops, Smartphone, as well as a tablet and other devices. Besides, it saves the visitor the time to scroll or pan and fit the otherwise non optimal user experience on desktop Responsive website design page. 3. 3. Affordable Affordable Getting a single site that fits all devices saves the cost of designing numerous websites or applications for distinct devise. 4. 4. Google Google recommends recommends Responsive Responsive website website design design Google recommended Responsive website design as its suggested mobile configuration and has even referred to it as the industry's best practice. There are certain other technical factors too that make Responsive website design a Google favorite but what search marketers should understand is that Responsive web design is the way to go.

  3. 5. 5. Easily Easily manageable manageable Why would a business spend money and resources on managing a separate desktop and a distinct mobile site when they can both be managed through a single campaign? Responsive website design offers easy of convenience to not only the visitors but also the marketers and enable them better resources to work out an improved campaign. Given the 2017 trends for digital traffic and marketing, Responsive website design has retained its place and most search marketers have already settled onto this option to allow a better experience for visitors for enhanced digital marketing. Visit us at - Burgeon Burgeon Software Software Pvt. Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. D-247/1, D-Block, Sector-63 Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India 201301 +91 120-4508685