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Construction Equipment Manufacturers in India, PowerPoint Presentation
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Construction Equipment Manufacturers in India,

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Construction Equipment Manufacturers in India, - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bull India is the leading Construction Equipment Manufacturers in India. We provide heavy doze suppliers for Road construction machinery equipment. Bull India which also helps in Agri Such as Dozer Blade for Tractor, Sugar Cane Grab Loader. For More details visit http://www.bullindia.com

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Construction Equipment Manufacturers in India,

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bull machines pvt ltd

Bull Machines Pvt Ltd

Construction Equipment


  • To select the right construction equipment
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to s elect right construction equipment
To Select Right Construction Equipment

Whether you opt to hire earth moving equipment or buy your own, it is important that you get the most value for your money. Here are some tips to keep in mind while purchasing the right construction equipment:

Determine the type of machinery needed: The kind of heavy equipment you need depends on the type of construction project. You must buy equipment that suits all the operations involved in the project.

Suitability for job conditions: The equipment you plan to buy must suit the conditions of the job, soil, valley, working conditions and climate of the region.

Uniformity in type: There should be uniformity in the type of equipment purchased. A common type of engine should be selected for different types of machines such as excavators, tractors, dump trucks and scrapers.


Check the equipment’s condition: The machine’s condition has a lot to do with performance. Whether you buy a dump truck or an excavator, make sure the choice of machinery is fully functional and ready for all the heavy work ahead. A service record is usually available for every machine you intend to hire. Have a look at the maintenance reports to see if the machines will work in optimal conditions. Every machine should be routinely inspected by professionals

Size of construction equipment : : Larger equipment gives higher output on full load, but the cost of production is higher. Larger equipment needs correspondingly larger size of matching units, and shutting down of one primary unit may render several other large units idle. For smooth operation, it is desirable to have equipment of the same size on the project.

Read customer reviews: Lastly, before purchasing equipment, read lots of customer reviews. You can use these information sources to gain an insight on what other clients have experienced with the machinery they hired. They may recommend an excellent choice or warn you of bad ones.

to increase efficiency
To Increase Efficiency

Safely lifting and placing heavy loads with excavators or backhoe loaders can be quite a task. Every lifting operation requires careful planning to ensure the safety of the employees and the equipment.

Ensure the machine can handle the load: Exceeding the lifting capacity of a backhoe loader or excavator can make it unstable. This may result in injury to personnel and can damage the machine. This may further lead to undue stress on systems and components, maintenance issues, failures and costly downtimes.

Understand the machine’s load charts: Every earthmoving equipment manufacturer determines how much equipment can safely lift. Load charts designate the lifting capacity at various angles, heights, reach and swing radii. Operators should be trained on how to read and follow load charts of a machine.

Determine the total weight of the load: Prior to any lifting operation, it is vital to know the weight of the materials to be moved. Be sure to contact the proper individual on site who can provide this information. It is always better to conduct a test lift to check if the machine can take the load

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Check the site and machine: Before starting the lifting operation, check the surrounding area for obstacles and hazards. Avoid lifting on soft, uneven or unstable ground. Use mats, wood platforms or steel plates to provide a more solid work platform if needed.

Keep it low and slow: Keep in mind that an excavator or backhoe-loader will have its highest lifting capacity closer to the machine. Position the machine so that the lowering will be done over the end of the machine and not over the side.

Front End Loader Manufacturers,

construction equipment needs
Construction equipment needs

Earthmoving: The most common use of bulldozer is to move large amounts of earth and soil. The bulldozer can push piles of material in front using its blade. It saves the workers the trouble of using a backhoe to life everything and put it down somewhere else. They are sometimes used with backhoes and other digging equipment. The backhoe lifts material out of an excavation and sets it on the ground, and the bulldozer pushes it away to another location.

Road building: Bulldozers are primarily used in road building. When a road is built, the top soil needs to be removed because of moisture and organic material. A bulldozer pushes away the topsoil and creates an opening for the road that can be filled with gavel and clean fill. Bulldozers are also used to smooth the fill that is used to build the road.

Backhoe Loader Manufacturers

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Construction: In the process of construction, bulldozers find immense application. Preliminary site work at large construction projects is done by bulldozers. Bulldozers can also push waste, brush and other materials into one location for burning or disposal.

Demolition: The act of destroying and removing old properties usually involves the use of a bulldozer. A large bulldozer can knock a house over, saving the trouble of having to deconstruct it piece by piece. Once a bulldozer has knocked down an old structure, the bulldozer can then be used to push all of the debris into a single pile and clean up the surrounding area.

Construction equipment Manufacturers in India

why us
Why us
  • At BULL Innovation is a way of life where quality is first priority.
  • Bull belongs to 54 year old AV group which has diversified companies employing more than 2000 people.
  • Bull is the Indian leader in loaders and backhoes in its class and segment.
  • More than 30,000 Bull products are running across the globe.
  • Bull has been Recognised by the Ministry of Science and Technology as an in-house R&D company.

Bull tractor Load Attachments

bull runs on mist modern systems like

BULL runs on mist modern systems like SAP and CRM

  • Bull has two world-class manufacturing plants with state of the art manufacturing facilities.
  • The construction equipment plant has a capacity of 3000 vehicles per annum.
  • World Wide sales and service network of 600 plus dealers and 7branch offices across India.
  • Bull is innovation driven organisation with strong R&D team and holds many patents to its credit

Heavy Duty Dozer Suppliers

contact us
Contact us

Bull Machines Pvt Ltd

S.F. No. 5/1 - A, Trichy Road, L & T By-Pass Junction,

ChinthamaniPudur Post, Kamachipuram,

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641103

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Phone : +91 422- 3296281, 3291291, 6525753,Mobile : +91 98422 87770, +91 98426 70184 Email : sales@bullmachine.com