Benefits of an Open Source Quality Management Software
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Benefits of an Open Source Quality Management Software - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A set of co-ordinated activities to control and\ndirect an organization in order to continually\nimprove the effectiveness and efficiency of its\nperformance is called a “Quality Management\nSoftware”\n

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Benefits of an Open Source Quality Management Software

A set of co-ordinated activities to control and

direct an organization in order to continually

improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its

performance is called a “Quality Management


The cornerstone of any organization is where the

customer and supplier working together for their

mutual benefit. For this to become effective, the

customer-supplier interfaces must extend into,

and outside of, the organization, beyond the

immediate customers and suppliers. It’s important

to understand that an organization need not be IT

centric in order for it to incorporate Quality

Management Software (QMS). Rather more and

more companies are turning to software in order to be able to manage different types of risks that businesses are faced with.

The main gist of a QMS is in streamlining processes, which will result in the production of quality products and services,

rather than in detecting defective products or services after they have been produced. This solution will allow users to create

quality plans, now what these quality plans do is help track revisions; as quality specifications are added, removed or

changed, the quality plan revision number will be incremented.

A QMS enables an organization to achieve its goals and objectives set as per their strategy and provides consistency and

satisfaction in terms of methods, materials, equipment, etc, and interacts with all activities of the organization, beginning

with the identification of customer requirements and eventually with their satisfaction, at every transaction interface.

Key Features of a QMS solution are as follows:

Audit and Complaints Management

Workflow enabled

Change Control

Full Audit trail


Document Control

Competency Testing, just to name a few.

Benefits of an Open Source Quality Management Software are as follows:

1. Price. Most open source software do not charge any license fees.

2. Control. The underlying source code of the software is open and can be changed to suit the needs of the business.

3. Flexibility. Businesses can decide whether to upgrade their software or not based on the value offered in the upgrade.

4. Talent. Businesses have access to the finest talent in the industry lending their support to the open source initiative.

5. No lock in. Open source software is provided with no strings attached and written with widely used standards.

Proprietary systems are designed to be incompatible with other systems so that businesses are “locked in”.