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Different Taste With Fruit Beer Hong Kong - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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We are introduces in that PowerPoint Presentation introduction Fruit beer Hong Kong, how to help in our health. \nFor more details, contact us:\nURL: http://www.http://www.britishexport.asia/\nEmail: [email protected] \nBritish Overseas Exports\nTel: 35010926, 2134-8233\n

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Different Taste With Fruit Beer Hong Kong

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  • Fruit Beer :-

    • Beer is in fact one of the oldest as well as mostly widely enjoyed beverages on the earth. Fruit beer is made of fragmented different types of fresh fruits like Apple, Pear, Strawberry and more. Fruit beer is good for human health like heart diseases, strengths your bones, hair fall. Beer is made from hops, barley and wheat and Fruits so the beverage contains many of the same nutrients that grains do, including B vitamins, riboflavin, niacin and zinc.A bottle of beer can contain 92 mg of potassium, 14 mg of calcium and 48 mg of phosphorus, all minerals that are essential to a healthy diet.

  • Here are some ways that Fruit Beer is actually good for Beer Lovers –

  • Fruit beer contain antioxidants and vitamins.

  • Beer is a great way to keep Hydrated.

  • Can help heart disease.

  • Can help strengthen your bones.

  • Can help manage blood pressure.

  • Can help treat dandruff.

  • Minimize risk of cancer.

  • can help prevent kidney stones

  • Fruit beer contain antioxidants and Beer Lovers – vitamins –

    • Beer contains natural antioxidants and vitamins, and dark beers,thatgo through very a high temperature roasting process if you drink a dark beer that contains fruits with even more antioxidants in them, you can boost this benefit even more.

  • 2.Beer is a great way to keep Hydrated –

    • Beer is a great way to keep hydratedsince it is over 90% water.This is likely due to beer’s high water content and ability to prevent dehydration. There is also evidence that the hops in beer may prevent kidney stones by slowing bone’s release of calcium, a main contributor to kidney stones.

3. It Can Beer Lovers – help heart disease–

This heart-protecting power of beer the soluble fiberin beer can help lower the risk of heart. However the study also showed risk of heart disease increased in people who consumed higher amounts of beer.

4. It Can help strengthen your bones-

Beer can help strengthen your bones. Beer is rich in the element silicon, which has been linked to better bone density. Who drank one or two glasses of beer daily had higher bone density, and thus was less prone to fractures than those who did not enjoy a glass of beer or wine.

5. It Can Beer Lovers – help manage blood pressure-

You may also be interested to know that beer can help manage blood pressure. Who drank beer moderately was significantly less likely to develop high blood pressure compared to women who drank wine or other alcoholic beverages.

6. It Can help treat dandruff–

Another interesting fact about beer is that it is considered one of the best natural treatments for dandruff its high yeast and vitamin B content levels. Just rinse your hair with a bottle of beer two to three times a week to get rid of dandruff and make your hair extra soft and shiny.

Minimize Beer Lovers – risk of cancer–

Beer contains an important antioxidant known as xanthohumol. Xanthohumol is known to have powerful anti-cancer properties that help fend off cancer-causing enzymes in the body. Beer has also been shown to reduce the chances of getting breast cancer in women.

can help prevent kidney stones –

A study conducted established that moderate daily consumption of beer can reduce the risk of developing kidney stones by 40%. This health benefit is attributed to beer’s high water content (about 93%) that helps the body and keep the kidneys working properly

Different Taste With Fruit Beer Hong Kong Beer Lovers –


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