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bridal shower invitations should express the bride s personality n.
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Bridal Shower Invitations Should Express the Bride PowerPoint Presentation
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Bridal Shower Invitations Should Express the Bride

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Bridal Shower Invitations Should Express the Bride
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Bridal Shower Invitations Should Express the Bride

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  1. You volunteered to throw the bridal shower. Are you now struggling to choose the right wedding shower invitations? Stop and think about the bride for a few minutes before you choose which bridal shower invitations to order. Miss Homemaker or Corporate Rebel When you think about the bride what images come to your mind? Do you picture her with an apron on baking cookies in the kitchen? Maybe you picture her wearing a business outfit and battling her way up the corporate ladder. Your friend might be even more rebellious and be the kind of adventure fanatic we would find surfing, snowboarding, and parachuting. If you choose pretty bridal shower invitations for a person who is an adventure fanatic all of her friends will probably get a good laugh. On the other hand, those pretty invitations are perfect for the woman who wants to be a wife, mother, and homemaker. Of course, some women want it all. By thinking about the bride’s personality and lifestyle you can choose wedding shower invitations which reflect her personality making it special. Imagine how odd it would appear to send out beautiful, romantic, and soft wedding shower invitations for a bride who is planning to have her wedding at her favorite lake side camp site. Bridal Shower Invitations Should Express the Bride’s Personality

  2. Avoid the Humorous Invitation There are plenty of humorous invitations circulating in the stores and online. Unless you are 100% sure the bride is going to love the joke, the best advice is to avoid these humorous cards. They are perfect for birthdays and other events, but her wedding is a very special occasion and should be taken seriously. This does not mean the invitation cannot be fun, or light-hearted. It should just avoid making too big of a joke about getting married or any traits about the bride or her groom.

  3. Do Not Ask Advice from the Bride You might think the perfect thing to do is to ask the bride for her advice. You do not want to do it. The bridal shower is a special event for the bride and should be filled with surprises. The first surprise should be your choice of the bridal shower invitations. If you have taken the extra time to match the invitation to her personality and interests she is going to be shocked and delighted. If you ask the bride’s opinion ahead of time you take away that little bit of suspense and fun which she gets to have in being surprised. You can ask for the advice of her mother, sisters, and other close friends, just make sure you swear them to secrecy. As an added piece of advice, do some exploring online for your bridal shower invitations. You will find more options than you can find in any store. You will discover the pricing is commonly lower and the quality higher. The added advantage is you can select several styles and email friends and family to get their opinions while keeping it all a secret from the bride.