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2013 Web Development Technologies Need to Consider PowerPoint Presentation
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2013 Web Development Technologies Need to Consider

2013 Web Development Technologies Need to Consider

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2013 Web Development Technologies Need to Consider

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  1. Need to Consider 2013 Web Development

  2. Are you running an online business and not getting success as you want? Because, it’s modern time, time to use latest web development technologies to provide your customers with highly qualitative services. As time goes, old technologies also go with it, so make sure to consider 2013’s latest web development technologies to make your online business more powerful and effective.

  3. Responsive Web Design From past several years, Responsive web design is in the market, but it gains much glance in 2012, and today, we can see most of the people adopting this new and fluid approach to develop and design their websites. At the time of developing your website, you need to give important to RWD concept so that your website runs on different devices like smart-phones, laptops, desktops, tablets and more. It is expected that the year 2013 is RWD year, so make sure to consider this latest web technology to flourish in the online market.

  4. Go for Retina Display It is a perfect time to make your way towards retina display as it boosts up to four times the pixel density of non-retina displays. Before, there were some problems for web developers with retina display as heavy pictures of any websites appear gritty; however, issues are solved as lots of developers and designers come-up with different solutions including retina.js with CSS/HTML and more.

  5. Embellished Hyperlinks As we all know, there are various different ideas obtainable when it comes to design a hyperlink by giving drift and standard effects. To give additional effects, CSS3 added some features like rounded corners, text shadows, custom font families and more.

  6. Macromedia Flash From past several years, Flash is one of the important web development technologies that every web developer needs to consider while developing their website. Flash is one such product that especially designed to provide web sites with sound, interactivity, animation and database integration. Remember that free plugin is required to see the Flash parts of any website. Though Flash, we developers can easily create a complete multimedia website.

  7. HTML5 & CSS3 Both, HTML 5 and CSS3 carry a range of innovative features that include compatible with older browsers, ordinary tasks are simplify, handle and solve errors effectively, works on each and every platform and many more. By using these languages, you can easily create reliable, user-friendly and easy-to-access web pages and websites.

  8. Modal Boxes Modal boxes are small windows, which needs users to interact with it before returning to operate the applications. The main of this window or boxes is to show present box content like login, user registration on the same page. A bunch of modals are obtainable to choose from, so developers need to choose effectively while developing a website.

  9. Open Source Development These days, most of the online businessmen prefer to develop their websites with open sources development technologies as such websites are user-friendly, east-to-access and steadfast so customers love to visit such websites that are quick. With such demand for open source development websites, it is expected that more and more people will prefer different open source technologies like Magento, WordPress, OsCommerce, ZenCart, Joomla ad more to develop their e-commerce and other websites.

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