dependence effect n.
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Honest Work by Ciulla et al. Chapter 8 PowerPoint Presentation
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Honest Work by Ciulla et al. Chapter 8

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Honest Work by Ciulla et al. Chapter 8 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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In this powerpoint we discuss the dependence effect and the ethics of marketing

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Honest Work by Ciulla et al. Chapter 8

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    1. Dependence effect Marketing Ethics

    2. Galbraith’s Dependence Effect • Advertising convinces people that they need things that they don’t really need.

    3. Hayek’s Response • NO! Advertising elicits desires that originate with the consumer, but do not cause consumption.

    4. Galbraith’s point via “They Live” • Advertising manipulates unconscious desires towards consumption of the product advertised

    5. Vicary: Subliminal Messaging? In summer of 1957, Advertiser James Vicary, was going to be become “Mr.Subliminal” after the experiment, declared make a marketing experiment on total audience of 45.699 while The Picnic was screening for 6 weeks in small cinema in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Vicary placed a tachistoscope in the theater’s projection place. In this experiment, the massage, “Eat Pop-Corn , Drink Coke” was flashing for 1/3000 of a second at five-second intervals during a film as a subliminal massage that below the audience’s threshold of conscious perceptibility.

    6. …Or association?

    7. E.g. ‘Killing us softly’ campaign

    8. Response: All Value is Perceived Value

    9. Goldman: Marketing ADDS value • Marketing sponsors art, informs, and promotes consumption.* • A healthy society has art, information, and consumption. • So, marketing is necessary for a benefitial a healthy society. *Regulation against false claims

    10. Consumption? • Veblen: If consumption is displayed as wasteful, it suggests wealth! So, wealthy people are motivated toward wasteful consumption (conspicuous consumption.)

    11. The NEW NEW? Conspicuous Charity

    12. Summary Question • Is society actually better off taking the “blue pill” of advertising and believes the fantasy????