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All About Hot Dogs

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All About Hot Dogs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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>> Making Hot Dogs Healthier for Alln>> Hot Dogs in the Makingn>> The Hottest Hot Dog in TorontonnFind out more at

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All About Hot Dogs

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Making Hot Dogs Healthier for All

  • Hot Dogs in the Making
  • The Hottest Hot Dog in Toronto
making hot dogs healthier for all

Always pick the right hot dog. What it means is that you need to pay special attention to the meat you are eating. Ensure that it is organic and does not contain nitrates. You will be better off going for grass-fed beef. Similarly, you should avoid eating a hot dog with overly processed ingredients. If it contains textured soy protein, it is better to avoid it and look for other alternatives.

  • Avoid the bun, whenever possible. Skipping the bun is one simple and effective way to make your hot dogs healthier. Buns are bad because they are made using refined white flour. They also contain added sugar that makes them bad for diabetics. Even if you do not have diabetes, eating bun may lead to a spike in blood sugar levels. You will feel lethargic once your blood sugar levels crashes after a while. You will be much better off avoiding the bun and going for fresh lettuce as a healthy wrap.
  • Opt for sauerkraut. By having sauerkraut added to your hot dog, you can make it much healthier and delicious too. Fermented foods, like sauerkraut offer any amazing health benefits. It provides you with healthy bacteria that improves digestion and prevents digestive problems.
Making Hot Dogs Healthier for All
making hot dogs healthier for all 1

Avoid the BBQ sauce. Going for BBQ sauce or even the ketchup can make your hot dog unhealthy. BBQ sauce and ketchup provides you with additional salt and sugar that can lead to many health problems. A much better option would be to go for organic or plain stone ground mustard. You can also choose to go with freshly ground black pepper to add flavor to your hot dogs.

  • Load up on vegetables. Adding extra vegetables can make your hot dog a lot healthier and easy to digest. Veggies are extremely beneficial for your overall health, and you can have them added to your hot dogs to get important nutrients in a delicious way. You enhance the flavor of your hot dogs by opting for eggplant, grilled zucchini, onions, and bell peppers. Sliced cucumbers and cherry tomatoes may also serve as great toppings. These veggies provide you with extra fiber.
Making Hot Dogs Healthier for All
hot dogs in the making

Hotdogs have been known to have a bad name, but they really are not what people think they are. They say that the making is gross, but it is no different than any other processing. They consist of meat trimming and seasonings such as garlic and salt. They have fat trimmings also which helps with flavor. Beef and pork are the two most common meats used in hotdogs, but certain manufacturers have been known to use chicken in them too, but you can always opt out for the 100% beef. They used to be encased with the natural sheep intestine to hold the meat together but now they mainly use starch. There is also another type you can get that is with no casing at all, but they are much easier to process with the casing.

Hot Dogs in the Making
the hottest hot dog in toronto

Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory ( is far more than your average hot-dog shop on the street. We’ve all been caught up walking down the street stopping at our favorite hot dog stands, but this one is by far the best we’ve encountered. In Toronto, Canada Soloway’s offers a variety of foods, not just our favorite wieners. This factory has been up and running since 1927 and, almost an entire century, later it’s still standing as one of my favorite fast food joints.

  • The menu consists of sausages, “wieners”, striploin steaks, and burgers; all grilled and cooked to perfection. Follow me here as I take us through the salivating items that come with Soloway’s menu.
The Hottest Hot Dog in Toronto
the hottest hot dog in toronto 1

They have all beef hot dogs, quarter beef hot dogs, and almost any flavor there is imaginable to customize your dog with. The same goes for their Sausages, from Italian to Honey Garlic and Jerk chicken, they’ve changed the game for every hot dog joint around by adding on some of these iconic flavors. Their options for burgers are either all beef or veggie, very classic and simple. They have a Nitrite and gluten-free product line as well for their hot dogs and burgers. Lastly, they also offer fresh cut meats like striploin steaks and chicken breasts. It gives people plenty of options to choose from, although they’re famous for their iconic hot dog flavors. These items are completely customizable and are all best sellers with raving reviews, although we do recommend that you try a hot dog the first time here as it is their specialty and what they’re most famous for. If not one of their dogs, then it’s recommended that you try the Italian Sausage, one of the current best sellers that customers are raving about.

The Hottest Hot Dog in Toronto
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