How to deal with stress by breakingfeed
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How to Deal with Stress, Anxiety or Depression? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tips on How to Deal with Stress, Anxiety or Depression

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How to deal with stress by breakingfeed
How to dealwith stress? BYBREAKINGFEED

T a k e a b r e a k
Take A Break

Taking a break from your

Taking a break from your monotonousroutinewilldivertyour mind from stressful situations and revive your energy levels.



Avoid multi t a s k i f t g
Avoid Multi Taskiftg

Multitasking is worthy only when it is an urgency

Multitasking is worthy only when it is an urgency else it always affects your efficiency to work and brings results thatarenotsufficientenoughtomake you feel happy and contented.


Doft t over gefteralize
Doft't Over gefteralize

Sto p o ver thi nkin g a nd ove rge ner aliz

Stop over thinking and overgeneralizing the negatives of the situation. This only worsens the situation by making the things appear more worse than they

actually are.


Idefttify the causes of stress

Idefttify the causes ofstress

Figure out what is causing

Figure out what is causing you stress.Whenyouknowthecausesof your stress, you are one step closer

to taking the right action.


Doft t follow aft u f t h e a l t h y route

Doft’t follow aft ufthealthy route

Turning to unhealthy modes like alcohol smoking

Turning to unhealthy modes like alcohol, smoking, oversleeping, living alone etc will only exacerbate your stresslevels.

Never doit!


Your to do list should be feasible
Yourto-do list should befeasible

Keep your to do list short break your bigger

Keep your to-do list short. Break your bigger goals into milestones. When you willcoveramilestoneitwillboostyour confidence, fetch more happiness and will reduce stress.


Allocate some of your time to your hobby

Allocate some of yourtime to your hobby

De stress and recharge yourself

De-stress and recharge yourself by doingsomethingyouenjoythatwilladd relaxation as well as productivity in your life.


E li m i f t a t e ftegative people
Elimiftate ftegative people

Negativepeopleareoneofthebiggest reasons for stress in our life. Always stay away from such people whose aim is just to belittle you and make

you feel bad.


C o n c l u s i o n

These tips will come handy if you are ready to take the responsibility for your happiness in yourlife.

Start a new life with positive attitude and a bettervision.

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