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Professional Appliance Repair in Ottawa PowerPoint Presentation
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Professional Appliance Repair in Ottawa

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Professional Appliance Repair in Ottawa
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Professional Appliance Repair in Ottawa

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  1. Synopsis 1. Appliance Repair in Ottawa 2. Dishwasher Repair in Ottawa 3. Washing Machine Repair In Ottawa 4. Maytag Repair in Ottawa 5. Magic Chef Refrigerator Repair

  2. Appliance Repair in Ottawa • As you would expect for any flourishing capital city, Ottawa is home to a variety of repair businesses for your faulty electrical appliances. You’ll generally find businesses situated throughout Ottawa, some operating in more than one suburb. Some can boast of up to 45 years of operation and experience, these often being family owned businesses passed down from generation to generation. Alternatively, you can opt for a general handy man – probably cheaper and available in an emergency - but unable to offer the same expertise as offered by the fleet of specialised technicians other businesses may employ. These general appliance specialists typically specialise in the repair of a whole range of electrical appliances, both commercial and residential. Some claim the expertise to repair any brand of appliance and of all makes and models, with the up to date know-how and practices to fix appliances with the latest technologies. Others specialise in the repair of a limited number of brands. • Some general appliance specialists provide extra services if requested. For instance, some issue a pre-authorised extended warranty service. They may have the expertise of manufacturer-authorised and factory trained technicians. Generally, all businesses will send out a technician to your property. Some provide a same day, 24 hour or emergency service, so if you are preparing for a special occasion or need an urgent fix you can set your mind at ease. Others operate a fixed hours opening policy, while arranging an in-home manufacturer repair service. • If you don’t want to stretch your purse strings too far, some businesses advertise a low cost, affordable service. You may also find some generous appliance repair specialists offering a 15% discount repair service for senior citizens.

  3. Dishwasher Repair in Ottawa • Appliance repair businesses in the Ottawa area fix dishwashers of various brands, some specialising in certain brands more than others. This is because their technicians have experience in repairing dishwashers of a particular brand and are therefore more familiar with the parts and requirements of the dishwasher for that particular brand. Therefore, these technicians are less likely to make mistakes and more likely to do a better quality repair job for dishwashers of that particular brand. For example, in the Ottawa area, a few technicians will advertise that they are more experienced in Maytag appliance repairs. However, most repair businesses in Ottawa advertise that they can repair dishwashers of all makes and models. • Because there are so many businesses to choose from, choosing the right repair service can be challenging. Booking a dishwasher repair service in Ottawa can be done by a phone call, an email, an online form or store visit. When booking, mentioning the problem with the dishwasher is always best practice, as is asking for a quote and inquiring about service availability and quality such as if the technicians are more experienced in certain brands or whether or not a warranty is offered. They should also confirm that the business caters for residents in the part of Ottawa that they live in. This well help the customer have an idea of the cost-effectiveness and suitability of the repair service compared to others.

  4. Washing Machine Repair In Ottawa • Many shops will offer you a same day service. Simply give them a call and they’ll arrange an appointment for a technician to visit your property over the phone. You can find a local shop by searching online, scanning the classifieds section in your local newspaper or maybe you know someone who can recommend a reliable company. You’ll find that many companies advertise a fast, easy and affordable service. Look out for companies which offer a senior citizen discount of either 10 or 15 percent. Many companies operate over 24 hours, so are available in an emergency. If you’re a DIY enthusiast and like having a go at your own repairs, parts such as fill hoses and water-inlet valves are often inexpensive and can be purchased from commercial outlets in the city. Other problems may require a professional diagnosis and repair. • If your washing machine is still under warranty, your appliance sales team should have given you a number to ring so that the work is done for free. If you’d like to extend the warranty on your washing machine, many manufacturers give you this option and will contact you asking you if you want to renew it for a fee. Alternatively, some appliance service companies in Ottawa offer a pre- authorised extended warranty service. Ask the customer sales representative when you make your enquiry.

  5. Maytag Repair in Ottawa • Reputability • Repair service seekers have options ranging from larger repair businesses that have built up their reputations over a period of more than 20 years to small one-person callouts where trust and a more personal relationship can be developed between the caller and technician. • Quality • All the repair businesses have certified and licensed technicians who are qualified in providing a quality service to their customers. Some businesses do provide more experienced technicians than others. Therefore, if a quality repair job is of utmost importance, then appliance owners should opt for the more experienced technicians. To further assure a quality service, some businesses also provide warranties on the repairs they perform.

  6. Maytag Repair in Ottawa • Efficiency • If urgent repair services are required, all year-round, same-day or next-day bookings are available whether required on a weekday, weekend or during a holiday. Advantageously, some one-person callouts also offer weekend bookings at no extra charge. • Booking Methods • Booking a repair service for a Maytag appliance in Ottawa is fast and free and can be done through a phone call, email, online form or store visit. • Customer Reviews and Experiences • Customers of Maytag appliance repair services in Ottawa have generally expressed overall satisfaction with the repair services provided to them. They were pleased with the efficiency; staff friendliness and professionalism in phone and person; quality of the repair services; affordability and the warranty they received.

  7. Magic Chef Refrigerator Repair • Defect Number 1: The Refrigerator Is Not Cooling  Because:  The condenser coils located under the refrigerator need cleaning or,  The condenser fan motor is defective by not being able to spin freely, or lacking continuity and will therefore need replacing or,  The evaporator fan motor is defective which can be noticed if it is unusually noisy, not spinning as normal or lacking continuity and will therefore need replacing or,  The start relay has a burnt odour or is lacking continuity and will therefore need replacing or,  The temperature control thermostat lacks continuity or does not click when rotated from its lowest to highest settings and will therefore need replacing or,  The start capacitor lacks continuity and will therefore need replacing or,  The thermistor resistance does not change in conjunction with the refrigerator temperature or lacks continuity when tested with a multimeter and will therefore need replacing.

  8. Magic Chef Refrigerator Repair • Defect Number 2: The Refrigerator Water Dispenser Is Not Working  Because: • The water supply tube in the door is frozen and will need thawing or, • The freezer is not kept between the temperatures 0-10 degrees Fahrenheit or, • The water inlet valve is defective by lacking continuity and will therefore need replacing. Avoid attempting to repair it as disassembling it can cause the valve to fail or, • The water pressure from the home supply is lower than 20 psi or, • The dispenser control board or one of the dispenser parts is defective and will need replacing or, • A dispenser switch is defective by lacking continuity and will therefore need replacing or, • The water filter is clogged and therefore needs replacing or, • The door switch is defective by lacking continuity when activated and therefore needs replacing.

  9. For more details, please visit: Phone: 613-777-1544