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Quality Tennis Court Construction PowerPoint Presentation
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Quality Tennis Court Construction

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Quality Tennis Court Construction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Quality Tennis Court Construction
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  1. Key Factors To Consider z Quality Tennis Court Construction

  2. z Synopsis  More about Tennis Court Resurfacing and Maintenance Schedule  What Makes Asphalt Tennis Court Installation a Good Choice?  Educate Yourself about Court Types before Going for Tennis Court Construction  Certain Characteristics of Top Rated Tennis Court Builders  Working with Tennis Court Contractors to Decide Court Position

  3. z More about Tennis Court Resurfacing and Maintenance Schedule You should clean or sweep your tennis court on a daily basis. In case you have a clay court, you will have to water it twice a day if it is an outdoor court. Even indoor courts need to be watered once a day. You also need to brush their court lines often. Sand-filled surfaces are better in that they do not require water but have to be swept regularly to remove debris. You will also have to water your grass court daily.  You should be inspecting your tennis court weekly for any serious issues. You do not need to worry about tennis court resurfacing here, but you will certainly get an idea if things are going wrong or need more attention. You can notice minor damage and have it repaired in a timely manner. In case of clay courts, you need to roll it once every week to keep it flat. Outdoor acrylic courts require cleaning on a weekly basis.  You should consider power washing before the season starts. It is especially important for outdoor and indoor acrylic courts. You need to fertilize and trim your grass courts pre- season and use a power broom on your sand-filled turf.  You should properly clean the surface of outdoor and indoor acrylic courts post-season. There may be cracks in the surface, so you have to fill it after the season is finished and do not wait until the next season starts. Your sand-filled courts may require fungicide and algaecide application after each season. 

  4. z What Makes Asphalt Tennis Court Installation a Good Choice? It provides you with a surface that suits most players and playing styles. The player-friendly surface may not be as safe as some other types of tennis courts, but it certainly provides you with a great playing experience.  Your asphalt tennis court will continue to serve you for years. In fact, the impressive life expectancy of asphalt court is the reason why it is among the most popular options for tennis court installation. In this case, the paved surface will last for 10 years with ease.  You will not have to maintain it that often, which is another reason why it works as an impressive choice for anyone interested in a tennis court installation. It also uses specific materials that ensure proper water drainage and runoff.  You will enjoy your time playing on the asphalt court, and it will be relatively safer than many other types of courts. While there is always a risk of injury with asphalt courts, it is extremely light on your back, knees, and feet. The playing experience will be impressive because of the surface that allows for good shot construction. 

  5. z Educate Yourself about Court Types before Going for Tennis Court Construction Hardcourt: A tennis court with such surface type is more common in the Australian and US Grand Slam Tournaments. Made using plastic or cement, the court serves you well and offers a great playing experience. On such surfaces, you will find hard serves a lot more pleasurable. While hardcourt surfaces are great, they are usually quite gripping. Therefore, you may be at an increased risk of injuring yourself. You may find it quite safe though if you are used to playing on a hardcourt surface.  Grass Surface: Quite common at the All England Tennis Club, you will find it quite similar to the golf putting green. When compared other types of tennis courts, grass courts are quite unique and different. You will get a high ball speed mainly because of the ball sliding over the grass. If you are mainly a serve-and-volley player, you will love playing on this surface. While these court types are quite impressive, they require continuous maintenance.  Clary Surface: You may also opt for clay courts, which are commonly seen in the French Open. Crushed natural materials, such as shale or brick are used to construct these types of courts. The process is quite tedious and only true professionals should be hired for such tennis court construction. These courts are quite suitable for beginners because it saves you from dealing with high-ball speed. The only thing to bear in mind is that the ball is going to bounce higher on these court types. 

  6. zCertain Characteristics of Top Rated Tennis Court Builders The best builder will always have years of experience under their belt. It is common to come across builders who call them pros but know a little about the ins and outs of building tennis courts. Experienced builders will have the knowledge and expertise to complete the produce in an efficient way. A good way to shortlist a few experienced tennis court builders is to use the internet. You will find several good sites where people review different services and leave their feedback about different services.  The finest tennis court builder will always help you no matter what type of a tennis court you want built. Tennis courts are of different types. Tennis courts with laser-guided grading are quite popular, but clay courts are equally popular. Only you can decide what type of court will work best for you. Once you have determined the type of tennis court you want, you should then look for a builder who specializes in the same.  A top rated tennis court builder will always have ample knowledge of all the latest tools and equipment used in the industry. You have to understand that so many tools are used to construct a high quality tennis court. Only experienced tennis court builders possess the knowledge of those tools, so you should make no compromises over experience. An experienced builder may be confident about using advanced outdoor court coating systems, but a new builder may have a hard time using the same systems. 

  7. z Working with Tennis Court Contractors to Decide Court Position Deciding about the position of your tennis court is an important step towards building a highly impressive and functional court. If you do not select the right position, you will never be able to have a good playing experience and it may not complement the existing setting of your property. When making the decisions, you have to ensure that your tennis court is compatible with your house, neighbours, swimming pool, fencing, and landscaping. In addition to these, there are many other factors too that only experienced tennis court contractors can help you understand. Working with them will ensure that your tennis court does not end up affecting the entire landscape of your property.  When planning your court position, it is common to forget about creature comforts that can make your tennis court much more functional and comfortable. By including those amenities in your court at the time of construction, you will end up saving a lot of money. For instance, you can have an intercom installed while positioning your tennis court. You can also install a water source with utmost east. You can talk to your contractor and ask them for suggestions because they are specialists and can help you determine what other amenities to add to make your tennis court an impressive entertainment area. 

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