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How to Choose a Coastal Investment Property PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Choose a Coastal Investment Property

How to Choose a Coastal Investment Property

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How to Choose a Coastal Investment Property

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  1. Bluewater Lodges Rainbow Beach

  2. How to Choose a Coastal Investment Property • Making the choice to purchase a beach front investment property is a wise one, with the potential to have both a vacation home and an income-producing rental. When you decide to make the acquisition, it’s a good idea to do some research first.

  3. If you are considering Rainbow Beach real estate, you have a broad landscape to look into. Rainbow Beach is set in a pristine location less than 10 kilometers south of beautiful Fraser Island, north of Great Sandy National Park and just east of the thriving Tin Can Bay. Its wide sweeping beaches adjacent to the colorful rainbow colored cliffs provide an excellent spot for a holiday with family or friends.

  4. Initial research about properties at Rainbow Beach can include the specifics of the individual beach side house for sale including floor plan, interior and exterior features, the exact location of the home, the area attractions, age of the property and additional amenities of the complex.

  5. Other investigations that will be beneficial are to have good information about whether you will have to manage the property yourself or can use the services of a management group. Also, you’ll want to look into the neighboring properties and nearby attractions.

  6. Bluewater Lodges offers only the best in the above concerns, and your decision to look into it further is a wise one.

  7. Obtain Specific Information about the Property Itself • How many bedrooms and baths? Is there an outdoor deck or two? Do you have a place to park your vehicle? Is air conditioning provided? Do you have a water storage system? These are all valid questions to ask when purchasing a coastal investment property.

  8. While some residences that you will look at will have only minimum options, Bluewater Lodges offers a variety of choices regarding the bedrooms,baths, and decks, but all have a carport, an installed air conditioning system and an underground water tank.

  9. Think of any other concerns and questions you may have and address them as you think about buying Rainbow Beach real estate.

  10. If it is a newer residence, you may check to see that it matches the Australian Building Services Authority (BSA) standards, and see that it is architecturally designed and furnished by a professional team.

  11. Hot water is important year round So check to see if the beach side house for sale that you are looking at has an instant hot water heater, as well as internet access and Austar television.

  12. Go visit the property or at least review plenty of photographs to assure that you feel comfortable there. • A dual key entry is another feature available at the larger Bluewater Lodges residences that is attractive for some.

  13. Consider the Age of the Property • Available Rainbow Beach real estate that you are considering purchasing can vary in age from over twenty years old to brand new. Do you want to have to replace carpet or install new flooring, paint, put on a new roof or refurnish a home? Or do you just want to be able to enjoy it and then make it available to rent immediately?

  14. If you prefer to have an opportunity to move in and either occupy immediately or at least be able to make it available to others, a new Rainbow Beach investment property that has a dozen units now with 24 more to be constructed in the future is Bluewater Lodges.

  15. A newer property saves time for immediate use and is more attractive. • With a new beach side house, you don’t have to be as concerned about appliances breaking, the roof leaking or plumbing failing.

  16. Plus, it will appear fresh and new for some time before needing any refurbishing.

  17. Ask “What are the Added Amenities?” of the Beach Front Investment Property • A purchase of a beach side house for sale typically means that you want a property that sums more than just the house itself, especially if you are paying management fees.

  18. Bluewater Lodges provides a gorgeous get-away in the house itself in addition to amenities that make it worthwhile to both owners and guests.

  19. At Bluewater Lodge, a 20 meter lap pool with space around it for lounging in the sun is the perfect accompaniment.

  20. The air-conditioned fitness center overlooking the pool features cycling, running and elliptical machines and weights to keep you and your guests in shape while on holiday.

  21. Ask About the Management Team • To get the most out of a coastal investment property, you should expect an experienced management team to take care of you and your guests.

  22. At Bluewater Lodges, Break Free group manages the site with a ‘mantra’ level of service. • This includes property maintenance, room cleaning and linen service and advertising. When you purchase at Bluewater Lodges, you will receive all the advantages of owning a proper lifestyle investment property.

  23. Review Area Attractions • Every individual has their own tastes in taking a holiday. Some enjoy seeing many area attractions and getting into a car and driving up to an hour to go see them. • Others prefer to stay in the beach front investment property most of the time and merely walk to the beach only 300 meters away.

  24. Because you can’t know what type of person will be renting the property, it’s a good idea to have a mix of both.

  25. At Bluewater Lodges, set on a beautiful piece of Rainbow Beach real estate, visitors can have a combination of the lush bush walking options with a quick walk to the beach and access to the colorful Rainbow Beach itself.

  26. Excellent restaurants, a nearby golf course and other community resources including a new aquatic center will keep everyone entertained.

  27. And when at the water’s edge, you’ll want to have access to aquatic adventures such as fishing, as well as other ventures such as hang-gliding or four-wheel driving, readily available at Rainbow Beach.

  28. When you buy a Rainbow Beach investment property, remind yourself that this is a different experience than just buying your own home

  29. Your goals are different, as the home must be both attractive and accessible to more persons than just yourself.