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Markets have fallen ! But ! 10 Reasons to be Bullish about India

Why should one be bullish about the Indian market? It all revolves around the fact that India is growing. Find out the actual reasons here:<br>Source: http://www.consultbizwhiz.com/

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Markets have fallen ! But ! 10 Reasons to be Bullish about India

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  1. Markets have fallen! But! 10 Reasons to be Bullish about India

  2. 1. Fastest growing (big) economy in the world in 2015, 2016 * World average: 2.4% * Emerging & developing economies : 4.3% - 4.7% * China : 6.0% - 6.3% * India : 7.5%

  3. 2. Falling Commodity and Crude prices - Boon to India * Crude oil to copper prices have dropped sending shock waves to Russia, Brazil,Australia, South Africa, Middle East. * India's import bill is shrinking * Reduce our demand for dollars * Repair the trade deficit. * Govt. spending can go up

  4. 3. Control of Inflation * WPI : Negative 4.9% * CPI : 3.8% * Unleash spending power for consumers

  5. 4. Rebooting of Inclusion * Jan Dhan Yojana / Jan Suraksha Yojana, schemes have ushered crores of poor and disadvantaged Indians into the formal financial system. * Relieve them from money lenders and unscrupulous Ponzi schemes. * 18.2 crore Indians with bank accounts and 15.9 cr with RuPay debit cards.

  6. 5. Reduced Subsidy *4% of country's GDP is in subsidies i.e about Rs 3,78,000 crores. *Wastage, corruption, leakages gobbled lion's share. * Petrol, diesel linked to market prices. * LPG subsidy by direct benefit transfer (DBT). *Give up subsidy schemes. *Move to shift Fertilizer subsidy and PDS to DBT.

  7. 6. Pension Fix * India's massive retirement supply challenge is being addressed. * More people in EPF net (Rs 6500 to Rs 15000 limit increased) * Tweaking of National pension scheme with tax breaks. * Atal pension yojana scheme launched.

  8. 7. Unearthing the gold hoard * Gold imports reduced to $37 billion from $ 56 billion in 2011-12. * Gold monetization scheme and Gold Bond scheme introduced. * Higher import duty on import of gold. * People may shift to paper gold rather than gold bars and coins.

  9. 8. Domestic interest in stocks * FII's and global stocks pulled our market . * People moving into Domestic equally through mutual funds - record amounts of money collected. * 25 lakh equity portfolios added in 1 month. * EPFO investment of 6.5 lakh crore in equity markets * Expect to see domestic savings of $15-16 billion flow into equities every year.

  10. 9. Going Digital * Roll out of national optic fibre network that will connect 2.5 lakh gram panchayats to high speed digital highway. * Making available internet to Aam Aadmi. * Direct benefits to citizen curbing corruption & bureaucracy. * Payment banks. * Move up the 20% of population using internet to over 50 - 60% in China,Brazil &Russia.

  11. 10. Efficiency & effectiveness of Indian law enforcement. * Action against Sahara group. * Shutting down Ponzi schemes. * Pulling up of banks by RBI. * More reforms on interest protection.

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