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Dog and Pet Supplements From K9CriticalCare PowerPoint Presentation
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Dog and Pet Supplements From K9CriticalCare

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Dog and Pet Supplements From K9CriticalCare
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Dog and Pet Supplements From K9CriticalCare

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  1. Dog Health Supplements 1-888-4-PETMIX 1-888-473-8649

  2. K9 | Critical Care™ Our special blend of all natural, pharmaceutical-grade, immuno-modulating organic compounds that help to strengthen and rebuild your dog’s natural immune response; and then there’s our . . . Combine Dog Supplements for better results! Do you have a dog going through treatment for dog cancer? Did you know that research has proven that treating dog cancer can be added by giving your dog cancer supplements? Treating dog cancer has advanced, but the basic fact that your dog needs a boosted immune system to fight cancer has not. Holistic pet supplements can help boost your pet's immune system to help his body fight against the cancer.

  3. K9 | Transfer Factor™ Delicious, chewable wafers that provide a number of immuno-supportive compounds derived from colostrum that help your dog's immune system recognize both disease organisms as well as cancer cells. Combine traditional and proven herbal treatments. Using an integrated approach offers your dog the best chance. Follow conventional treatment, working with your veterinarian to reduce and eliminate tumors, possibly through surgery, chemotherapy, and/or radiation. At the same time, you can enhance your dog's immune system that will not only help fight cancer but also make it less likely for cancer to return.

  4. K9 | BioSilymarin™ A potent milk thistle extract that promotes healthy liver function which is especially important in dogs fighting cancer, since the liver the liver is important in digestion, cleansing and tissue repair throughout the body. Strong immune systems fight cancer naturally. Abnormal cancer cells emerge throughout the life of a dog, and more so as it ages. When the immune system is strong, it kills cancer cells. However, when the immune system is weak, it fails to perform this function and cancer cells are regenerated and continue to build up in the body. So even if cancer is removed, cancer will often return. That's why it's so important to continue to use herbal supplements and immunotherapy.

  5. K9 | ProBiotix™ Designed to maintain a healthy mix of good bacteria in your dog’s lower intestine. The benefits of probiotics include: improved nutrient absorption, relief of diarrhea and constipation, and a decreased risk of colon, bladder, and other cancers. Many supplements are more effective when combined This combination of treatments offer the best opportunity to fight, and later, prevent cancer. In addition to strengthening the immune system, it hastens the healing process, slows down the spread of cancer to nearby tissues, and increases your dog's energy.

  6. K9 | Omega™ K9 Omega is the top quality fish oil supplement for dogs to increase cellular repair during cancer treatment.  K9 Omega is comprised of fatty acids 3, 6, and 9 for optimum cellular repair. Monthly Power Packs are simple, convenient and save you money!Save month by the month! You can save up to 21% when purchasing a one-month Power Pack. The Power Pack includes a one month supply of supply of these three supplements: You will receive K9 Transfer Factor, a supplement that identifies and targets cancer cells; K9 Immunity, a compound that attacks dog tumors, and K9 Omega, fish oil. Ready to Purchase?

  7. Thank You! 1-888-4-PETMIX 1-888-473-8649