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Regal India Travels - A New Face in the Indian Travel Industry PowerPoint Presentation
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Regal India Travels - A New Face in the Indian Travel Industry

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Regal India Travels - A New Face in the Indian Travel Industry - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Regal India Travels - A New Face in the Indian Travel Industry

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  1. A ground transportation service partner to corporate sector

  2. OUR WEBSITE Visit to get in touch with us.

  3. About us • Regal India Travels is one of the most trusted cab services, providing a world class, scalable ground fleet services to our customers. Offering effective, innovative, high quality and cost efficient services to delight our customers. • With offices across Pan India to provide plethora of on road cab services managed by experienced and skilled manpower with 24X7 command centre offering assistance. • You can reach out to for your cab needs or reach out to our 24X7 contact number : 080-45178888

  4. Evolution of our idea Make RegalIndia Travels the trusted travel company of a million companies and the best organization to work for and partner with.. Serving 200+ Corporates across India Serving 95+ Corporates across 24 cities in India with a fleet size of 700 plus Hit the mark of 25 corporate clients, 6 cities & a fleet size of 150 Started our office in Bangalore with fleet size of 30

  5. Our Service Offerings Scope of Services Geographical Reach Local & Outstation: Car Rentals Flat Airport Transfers Events & Conference Fleets Long term rentals/ Expat Cars With Bangalore as our HO, we have spread across 24 cities in the country

  6. OUR SERVICES 1. Local and Outstation Car Rentals: RegalIndia Travels has a team of dedicated office staff and experienced cab drivers who are well versed with Local and All India Routes to make your journey a comfortable and a memorable one. Queries from our clients are promptly attended and responded. This makes us the most efficient company when it comes to client satisfaction. We also add the following services to our esteem wherein we specialize in servicing the corporate & Tourism sector and act as a one point contact for your all your car rental needs through a single window service system by the our trained and professional staffs who are always there to help you out.

  7. OUR SERVICES 2. Flat Airport transfers: RegalIndia Travels is specialized in Airport transfers by offering a safe, on time, reliable and at a flat rate irrespective of the distance from the airport to office and vice versa. We have well experienced chauffeurs who are determined for this purpose and ensure that they make the journey a memorable one.

  8. OUR SERVICES 3. Events and Conferences Fleets Events and Conferences are so special to ones that they cannot be missed at any particular time irrespective of the travel or the traffic. RegalIndia Travels is determined to take care of all your travel needs for your events or conferences without any hassle. We are specialized in cost effective modes of cab transportation for the corporate professionals. We are unparalleled in this arena with proven expertise in events transportation.

  9. OUR SERVICES 4. Long term Rental/Expat Cars RegalIndia travels also specialize in offering long term car leasing and expat services to employees who are coming for business meeting with corporate. We help corporate professionals to hire a cab for their entire business travels by leasing the car for a fixed period of time at an agreed amount of money. RegalIndia travels also offers complete range of premium and sedan cars for the expats with the following services to make your travel more comfortable, safe and a reliable one.

  10. ‘Vehicles’ of our business Higher Intermediate Toyota Etios Swift Dzire Standard Honda City Nissan Sunny Superior Corolla Altis Skoda MUV Toyota Innova Premium Honda Accord Toyota Camry Fortuner Luxury standard Merc Benz E class BMW 5 Series Luxury superior Audi A6 Luxury Van Toyota Commuter Super Luxury Merc Benz S Class BMW 7 Series

  11. It’s more than a journey.. Our customers are special to us & we do make them feel so.. An interesting Op-Ed on a newspaper takes the attention away from traffic woes & travel time A zero calorie drink that quenches thirst on a hot sunny day in a tropical country like India Coz the business runs of mobile these days..& we ensure we keep it on always.. Even IMD is not accurate in predicting rains in our country..but don’t worry.. We insist on seat belts to ensure our travelers’ safety Our motto is to prevent it..but that doesn’t mean that we are not prepared for it.. Numerous occasions..Onecommon need..

  12. Business Continuity & Risk Mitigation • All vehicles are less than 3 years old • Chauffeurs trained to handle basic repairs • 24*7 information on network of garages • A new vehicle dispatched immediately to the accident spot • Chauffeurs are trained to provide first aid medical support • 24*7 information on locating nearest hospital in case of injury • Robust demand prediction through analytics over past transactions • Tie up with carefully chosen 3rd party vendors across the country • Mobile numbers of all service agents are shared • 4G dongles are in place • Batch upload of transactions when the network is back to working state • Alerts sent to travelers through SMS • Traveler escorted to nearest safe zone till the situation returns to normal

  13. Regal stands out from the rest.. An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage - Jack Welch Following are some of the scenarios, when our clients’ can feel the difference..