A Vacation in Dubai: Few Things you need to Know
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A Vacation in Dubai: Few Things you need to Know - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dubai is known for its state of the art architecture, luxury shopping malls and non-forgettable night life.

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A Vacation in Dubai: Few Things you need to Know

Dubai, is one of the seven emirates in the United

Arab Emirates. This city is known for its state of the

art architecture, luxury shopping malls and non-

forgettable night life. Beyond the glamorous sky

scrapers and hotels, Dubai is the home of man-

made islands beautiful enough to open your eyes

into the world of possibilities.

Cheap Dubai Travel

Dubai is a family friendly city. Your children can accompany you to most places. When

traveling to this city don't leave your children behind as there are lots of activities in and

around major attractions.

There are many travel options that will enable you to move around the city with ease.

The local transportation offers cheap Dubai travel rates and really state of the art.

Dubai Metro operates both the train and car service. Train

operate at 10 minutes’ interval of each other from 6 am to 11pm

on Saturday through to Thursday and from 1pm to midnight on

Fridays. Both the train and the car tickets can be purchased at

the nearest station.

The local buses tickets are relatively cheaper. The front row

seats are normally reserved for women and children.The water taxis are just perfect for

linking cities as you view world’s biggest attractions.

A Vacation in Dubai

Dubai is the home of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. Other record breaking

attractions that contrast the harsh desert conditions are the world's largest fountain and

the Dubai mall; the biggest shopping mall in the world.

Beautiful beaches, wetlands and the unimaginable desert

environment makes this city a favorite vacation spot.

There are endless activities and places to visit. The

manmade island of palm Jumeirah designed in the shape

of a palm tree is a host of many luxurious hotels and

resorts. You can also take your family to fly kites at the

kite beach. The kite beach is renowned as an avenue of

water sport activities. With such great attractions, having

a vacation in Dubai should be a priority.

Dubai Rental Housing

Finding Dubai rental housing depends on your budgetary constraints and the location

you want live in. It doesn't matter what part of the city you settle on, the beautiful homes

are spacious, ensure tenant privacy and have all amenities that you will find in a high

end hotel.

Dubai offers tax free investment environment. This together with its diverse culture and

political stability is a sure attraction for any person who wants to live in this city.

You can live on an apartment or villas if you are not able to afford the cost of purchasing

property in this city. Some of the affordable apartments in Dubai are found on the


Dubai International City

Though located in the outskirts of the city. Traveling within this area is easier if you use

Buses and the Metro. Attractions found here are the AL Warsan and Dragon lake.

Abu Hail

A popular area with a dedicated metro service.Mostly inhabited by expatriates of Asian

origin. It has numerous supermarkets and many utility shops.

AL Qusais

If you want to reside in an area that is centrally located and will give you a quick access

to any part of the city, then this is the place to book a rental housing. This is a good area

if you traveled with family and you intend to stay for a long time because of the

presence of schools, shops and hospitals. It is served by a dedicated metro.

AL Awir

A yet to be fully developed residential area that offers the most affordable rent for

travelers on a budget. The nearest metro stop is the Shipyard which is on the red line.

Buses operate to and from this area.

There are lots of things to discover in this city. But you can only discover the much that

the eye can see. There is something for everyone.